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D2R 2.5 Quest Rewards List Guide - Best Quest Rewards In Each Act In Diablo 2 Resurrected


When playing Diablo II Resurrected you will find that all quests have rewards. Once you have completed a quest, be sure to come back to see the person who gave the rewarding quest. Each character should complete specific important quests to increase their power. In today's guide, let's take a look at the most popular quest rewards in each Act in D2R.

Best Quest Rewards In Each Act In Diablo 2 Resurrected

Act I Best Quest Rewards

Quest 1: Den of Evil

+1 Skill Point, 1 Free Respecialization (reset stat points/skill points)

In this quest, we only need to go to the Den of Evil in the Blood Moor and kill all the monsters in it, and then return to talk to Akara to get the reward, very simple.

Quest 3: The Search for Cain

Unlock Cain in each town to unlock the option to identify all unidentified items once.

To save Cain, we first need to get to the Dark Wood and get a special scroll item by examining a tree, then return to Akara and show her the scroll, then check once. Next head to Stony Field and find a circle of monoliths, then touch the stones in the correct order to open a red portal to Tristram, where you'll find Cain in a cage in the center of the map.

Quest 5: Tools of the Trade (Imbue)

Create a new rare item from the base item you want to Imbue, but the base item's stats don't matter. In addition, the quality of the items used, including superior, normal, damaged, and more will not affect the new items. When we create a new rare item, all the attributes of the old item are lost. Our character level determines which magical properties our new rare items can have, so imbuing higher levels will give more options available. We may not always receive good d2r items from the Imbue due to the randomized magical properties of the items created.

Worth noting: Generally, we need to save our Imbue as an elite item, unless we're equipping a very low-level dueling character or similar purposes.

Act 2 Best Quest Rewards

Quest 1: Radament's Lair

+1 Skill Point / 10% Reduction in prices

We need to talk to Atma in the town first to activate this quest, then go through the Sewers to the 3rd floor and kill Radament, and finally pick up the "Book of Skill" item, upon consuming it will give you skill points.

Act 3 Best Quest Rewards

Quest 1: The Golden Bird (A Jade Figurine)

+20 health points (permanently)

Talk to Alkor and Cain after we reach the town in Act 3, then go into the spider forest to find the Champion/Elite pack, and kill them to get a Jade Figurine. Talk to Meshif next, follow the instructions in the quest menu, then Cain, and finally Alkor two or three times to get our special life potion reward, consume it for +20 base life.

Quest 4: Lam Esen's Tome

+5 Stat points

We can start this quest in Act 3: Quest 2 Blade of the Old Religion after by talking to Alkor or picking up Lam Esen's Tome in Ruined Temple. First, pick up Ram Esen's Tome and return it to Alcor, then look for a small pedestal and click on it to retrieve the tome.

Unless you are in the Ruined Temple when Lam Esen's Tome is examined, you will not get credit for this quest.

Act 4 Best Quest Rewards

Quest 1: The Fallen Angel

+2 Skill Points

To start this quest, first, we need to talk to Tyrael, then find Izual in the plane of despair, defeat him, check his spirit that appeared after defeating him to continue the quest, and finally go back to Pandemonium Fortress and talk to Tyrael to get 2 skill points as a reward.

Quest 2: The Hellforge Reward

Before reaching the Chaos Sanctuary from the River of Flame Waypoint, you can go to the Hellforge to kill its guardian and use the Hellforge Hammer to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone, get some gems and perfect gems from the following ranges depending on difficulty, and a rune:

Normal: El - Amn

Nightmare: Sol - Um

Hell: Hel - Gul

Act 5 Best Quest Rewards

Quest 1: Siege on Harrogath (Add Sockets)

To unlock the reward, we have to approach Shenk the Overseer in the Bloody Foothills to defeat him, then talk to Larzuk. Also, we can't use the Add Socket quest bonus on items that are already socketed, instead, we can only add sockets to items that allow sockets in the first place.

Specifically, it doesn't matter how difficult the quest rewards are used, since the outcome will be the same no matter what. Larzuk adds the maximum number of sockets to regular items based on the base item, item type, and item level. It makes no difference whether the item is low, normal, or high quality, or even ethereal. Only the base item, item type, and item level matter.

Magic items may have 1 or 2 sockets. Set items, rare items, unique items, and crafted items add 1 socket (maximum of 1 socket).

Quest 2: Rescue on the Arreat

Unlocks Act 5 Barbarian Mercenary

To complete this quest, we first need to reach the Frigid Highlands and free all the barbarians trapped in three different open-air prison areas, then return to Harrogath and talk to Qual-Kehk to get the Ral, Ort, and Tal runes and the ability to hire Act 5 Mercenaries on this difficulty.

Quest 3: Prison of Ice

All Resistances +10 (Scroll of Resistance), the rare class-specific item for the class.

We need to talk to Malah in Harrogath to start this quest, or find Anya in the Frozen River area and talk to her, then go back to Harrogath and talk to Malah again to get a special thawing potion you need to use on Anya.

After Anya is saved, go back to Harrogath and talk to Malah and Anya to get the reward. Use the scroll Malah gave you to permanently increase your resistance by 10%, and talk to Anya to get your reward.

Quest 4: Betrayal of Harrogath (Personalize)

To complete this quest, we need to reach the Halls of Vaught where Nihlathak lives, and defeat him.

Personalization adds our character name to items, such as "Emilio's Frostburn Gauntlets". The item was also repaired and recharged. Keep in mind that if we decide to trade items with names, they may lose their trade value.

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