​Animals across new horizons: How to get Sanrio villagers in ACNH

Animal Crossing New Horizons has attracted players from all over the world since its release last year. In order to meet the needs of players this year, the developers began to introduce six Sanrio-themed villagers and a large number of their items.

The six villagers with the Sanrio theme are:

   Rilla, a Peppy personality Gorilla

   Toby, a Smug personality Rabbit

   Chelsea, a Normal personality Deer

   Chai, a Peppy personality Elephant

   Étoile, a Normal personality Sheep

   Marty, a Lazy personality Cub villager

To get the above villagers, you must first have a Sanrio Amiibo card. Amiibo cards are a great way to customize your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. In the United States, these items will only be available on Target. On the other hand, Amazon and Best Buy will sell Sanrio Amiibo cards in Canada.

Fortunately, players who already have Sanrio Amiibo cards issued for Animal Crossing New Leaf in 2016 can still use them to summon villagers in New Horizons. If you want Sanrio villagers to live on your island, you must use an Amiibo card.

How to get Sanrio items

By scanning the Amiibo card at the Resident Service, you can invite the scanned villagers to the camp and finally unlock all their collaborative items. These items can then be found in the Promotions tab of Special Goods in Nook Shopping.

Because the player can only scan one villager and buy five items per day. Therefore, it takes at least six days to unlock the entire Sanrio series. However, scanning the villagers on Harv Island is a quick way to unlock all items at once.

For players who do not have an Amiibo card, trading is the most effective way to obtain Sanrio items. MMOSO provides Animal Crossing Items for sale. You can buy all kinds of ACNH Items you need here. We will support 24/7 online services.


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