​Animal Crossing: How to collect all types of bunny eggs on Bunny Day

The Bunny Day was the first official event held in Animal Crossing: New Horizons when the game was released last year, and a new round of events will begin in 2021. The Bunny Day will still appear as the first festival. Nintendo's developers made some changes to today's Bunny Day based on players' suggestions to make the event more attractive to players.

Players can only find a limited number of most eggs every day. Players can find six types of eggs on the island: earth, leaves, sky, stone, water, and wood. The name of each egg provides clues to the player where and how to find them. Eggs are used to make special Bunny Day DIY recipes, which players can unlock during the week-long event. Here is how to find each kind of bunny egg in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to find each type of bunny egg in animal crosses: New Horizons

Animal Crossing Bunny Day started on March 28 and will last until April 4, which coincides with the Easter holiday. During the week, players can purchase seasonal Bunny Day items from Nook's Cranny store, by shooting down balloon gifts with a slingshot, talking with villagers and looking for messages in bottles, finding special Bunny Day DIY recipes, and also can find Zipper T. Bunny and chat with him. Of course, you can also search for eggs on the mysterious island entered by purchasing Nook Miles tickets.

During the trip to the Mysterious Island, the drop rate of many egg types tends to be higher, especially for egg types with restrictions.

Each type of egg and where players can find them are as follows:

   Earth Eggs: Found by digging on a star or X in the grass. Players will only find four of these buried each day of the event.

   Leaf Eggs: Found by shaking non-fruit trees. Players will only find three trees and about nine Leaf Eggs each day of the event.

   Sky Eggs: Found by shooting down balloon presents that have a rainbow balloon design. Players can find an unlimited number of these per day, but many balloon presents will instead contain DIY recipes.

   Stone Eggs: Found by hitting rocks around the island with a shovel or axe. Players will find anywhere from 0-8 Stone Eggs per rock.

   Water Eggs: Found when fishing in bodies of water around the island. Players can find an unlimited number of these per day.

   Wood Eggs: Found by hitting wood or palm trees around the island with an axe. Players can find between 0 and 3 Wood Eggs per tree.

In most cases, players will find Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day Eggs on the island or during a trip to the mysterious island. However, there are several other ways players can obtain eggs for all the time-limited items they want to make.

In the Bunny Day event in 2021, animal villagers will randomly present five eggs to players for free. Entering and leaving buildings near the villagers may trigger this operation more frequently, which may be a good way to quickly obtain the more limited Egg varieties.

Players can also obtain eggs through trading. Players can trade with Zipper on the last day of the event, April 4th, to exchange the large number of egg types they found with the fewest egg types they own so that they can DIY recipes are limited for a limited time before the game is out. Of course, you can also buy all the Animal Crossing Items of Bunny Day at any time on MMOSO, including various types of Eggs.

Once the player has collected enough of each egg type, their character will think of a new DIY recipe. This will open up a recipe for egg-themed clothing and accessories. Each type of egg has a special set of clothes, and players can make accessories. There is also a special egg party dress and egg party hat, which players can unlock only after unlocking the formulas of the other six egg clothing suits.

The above are all the ways to get Eggs. I hope to give you the ability to complete all the activities and successfully unlock the egg party dress and egg party hat during Easter. If you need any help, please don't forget to consult MMOSO online customer service. We will provide you with the most effective solution.


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