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The Method To Level Up Quickly On Steam

Some people may find that higher-level players can add custom backgrounds. Next, I will teach you how to level up quickly.

The fastest way to level up is to spend money on it. You can do this for free by playing games with a trading card. But you still have to buy the game. You can get about 50% of a set of cards by playing the game. To get the other 50%, you must exchange cards with other steam users or buy from the steam market.

Collect cards and craft badges. You can get the card in the form of drips while playing the game, or you can buy it from the market. When playing the game, you will only get half of the cards as drops. If you need the other half, you need to trade with your friends or just buy them.

Once you get a full set of equipment, you can make badges to provide your profile with a 100xp game background, game emojis, and discount coupons.

Every 10 levels up, the amount of XP you need to level up will increase. Therefore, to reach level 10, you need 100xp per level (so there are 10 badges from level 0 to level 10). To reach level 20, you need 200xp per level (so 20 badges are required to reach level 20 from level 10).

For every 10 levels you increase, you will get an extra showcase for your personal information, for example, you can show your favorite games or items you want to trade.

If you just want to add a background to your profile without level up at all, you can add a background to your Steam profile even if you have a background, even if your level is 0. You can click https://www.mmoso.com/ to purchase.


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