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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Speculation about the third DLC this year

Will Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield get more DLC in 2021? Presumably, the Pokemon community found itself trying to navigate after an ancient and so far accurate bug surfaced online. The 4chan bug about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield popped up all of a sudden back in February 2020, and no one paid attention to it, not only because of its source but also because of its claims. But the leak slowly became a reality, which in turn brought it back to the attention of Pokemon fans.

The leak, which was posted by an anonymous user, first claimed that in 2020, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield would get two DLC that would add 200 monsters. It then pointed out that in 2021, simple versions of Pokemon Diamonds and Pokemon Pearls will be released. It is correct.

The leaker then claimed that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield would take third place in the DLC this year (2021), which would add the remaining missing Pokemon and three new mysterious Pokemon.

The leak then concluded that the so-called "Kingpin Project" would be released in 2022. This is probably anyone's best guess, but some think it could be Pokemon Legend: Arceus, which is scheduled for release earlier this year and 2022. And bright diamonds and shining pearls.

Of course, the multimillion-dollar question is whether there is something wrong with such a leak, or whether the spillers were just lucky with their predictions. Before we get the answer to this question, please sprinkle some salt on it.

It's worth mentioning that there are no rumors or reports of the third piece of DLC. Nintendo has never commented on leaks, rumors, reports, or any unofficial or speculative content. But if they break the pattern of leaks, we'll update the story based on what they say. At the same time, want to know more, please click https://www.mmoso.com/Pokemon_Items.


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