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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Max Raid Battle event is going live

In the Pokemon Sword and Shield game, Max Raid Battle is a combat method in which 4 trainers jointly challenge Wild Dynamax Pokemon. Wild Dynamax Pokemon will maintain a huge figure during the Max Raid Battle. At the same time, they also have special abilities, which are very difficult to deal with. Only one of these four trainers can use Dynamax. So the cooperation between players and companions will be very important. After winning the battle, the opportunity to capture Pokemon will come.

The new Max Raid Battle event will be launched soon and will last throughout the weekend. This event will center around the franchise's iconic feline, Meowth. Galatian Meowth will emerge as a shiny Pokémon for lucky players.

Players don't need to do a lot of planning for this event because all Event Den spawns are being taken up by some form of Meowth. Neither version of Persian will make an appearance at the higher levels and Perrserker is nowhere to be seen.

On the contrary, once you get to the five-star Raids, players will have the opportunity to find a guaranteed Shiny Galarian Meowth. It will only appear with the highest rarity, with only a 2% chance of being generated.

In addition, Kantonian Meowth has an eight-percent chance of becoming a Gigantamax Meowth that you can battle and capture at the five-star level.

The rewards for completing any of the Max Raid Battles will be the usual themed Technical Records like Taunt, Iron Tail, and Swords Dance depending on which Meowth you capture or defeat. Extra Dynite Ore, Armorite Ore, and useful Berries are going to be tossed onto the pile, too.

The event will run until 6:59 pm CT on May 2 before reverting to the normal Max Raid rotation. For more information, please click https://www.mmoso.com/


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