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​Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to upgrade your bike in Armor of Isle

In Armor of Isle, you will find some cyclists gleaming, looking like shiny Pokemon. You don't have to envy others, you can also upgrade your bike, and upgrading your bike is not a difficult thing.

Before reaching the Armor of Isle, players can already unlock the speed booster, add waterwheels and change the color of bicycle equipment. After reaching the Armor of Armor, you will get more upgrade options. You can choose from two new colors for bicycles: sparkling white or sparkling black.

You can also change your bicycle equipment. You can tailor your clothing to match Rotom or whichever type Pokemon. So how to upgrade your bike? To customize your bike and clothing in Armor of Isle, follow these simple steps:

   Track down the Bike Lady. Hint: She appears just across the first bridge, heading towards the dojo.

   Press A to talk to the Bike Lady.

   Pokemon Sword Shield Isle Armor Bike Upgrade

   Press A to select "Yes, customize my bike."

   Press A to select "Sparkling White" or "Glistening Black". Hint: You can also change back to the original design by talking to her again.

Pokemon Sword Shield Isle Armor Bike Upgrade

   To change your bike gear, press A to talk to the Bike Lady again.

    Press A to select "I want to change my outfit."

   Press A to select the type color of your lead Pokemon or Rotom colors.

You can swap out the protagonist Pokemon to change any color of the clothes, just like before the DLC. If you return to the mainland of Galarian, you can keep the look of the new bike, but you cannot change the color of the bike on the mainland.

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