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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Disadvantages of the three opponent teams

The opponent's character is one of Pokemon's longer-lived and more durable traditions. Competitors challenge players to make the journey more interesting. Pokemon Sword and Shield have three opponents. Hop, Bede, and Marnie are capable trainers, they do their best to improve their Pokemon teams. Overall, Hop may be the most enthusiastic competitor in this series. However, like other coaches, they also have weaknesses in the team.

Before the sixth generation, Mawile was a terrible Pokemon. Most importantly, Mega Evolution makes Mawile a real threat in battle. Although his special attack ability is very weak, he can conduct a decent battle. Bede's Mawile does not have the advantages of Mega Evolution. However, with an HP stat of just 50 and a Special Defense of 55, Mawile will fall to the first Flamethrower that comes his way.

Hatterene has impressive overall physical statistics. However, its HP and speed are also very bad, seriously affecting its performance. Bede's Hatterene can reach the level of Gigantamax, but her move has many shortcomings. It has dark pulses to fight ghost types, while psychics can deal with poison types. However, it does not help the steel type in any way.

Marnie fought against Liepard, a pure dark Pokemon introduced in the fifth generation. Liepard has incredible high speed and excellent physical and special attack abilities. However, his other statistics are very scary, especially his ridiculous physical defense. Liepard's behavior is also terrible. It has 3 types of Dark attacks and 1 type of Normal attack. It cannot conceal any of its three weaknesses.

Grimmsnarl is a dual-type of Dark/Fairy Pokemon, when it comes to physical attacks, it is a beast. Grimmsnarl can also be Gigantamax. However, his actions seriously affected his performance. It has only two damage-causing moves, which are ineffective against any type they are not good at.

In any Pokemon team, Starter is one of the members, even if not the best member. However, as far as Hop is concerned, the starter may be the weakest link because he chose a link that is weaker than the player's choice.

Therefore, the beginners of Hop participated in the war under quite unfavorable circumstances. His Rillaboom and Inteleon have at least one attack to counter the main threat: Rillaboom has powerful firepower to deal with firepower, Inteleon has anti-icing ability to deal with water power, but Cinderace cannot deal with water or the ground.

After Hop catches a Legendary Pokemon, he will get the impressive Ace Pokemon again. While the player gets the game pet, Hop gets another legend Zacian or Zamazenta. It can be said that the two Pokémon are equally impressive.

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