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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Which villagers will you invite to your island?

In the Animal Crossing New Horizons game, there are many villagers with different personalities and types. Players all hope that there are cute and popular villagers they like on their islands. Here are 9 very popular villagers. Who will you invite to your island?

Fauna: If you need a friend to relax and have a good conversation with him, then Fauna is a good choice. She is a very smart doe and wants to be a teacher.

Marshall: He may not have the best personality, but it is worth making friends with him. Marshall looked a bit cranky, but he was a gentleman who cared about everyone on the island.

Bianca: She is one of the most adorable tigers that you will ever find in any game. Her style is peppy, and she was added as the first female tiger in the game.

Molly: Her definition is a cute bird, everyone hopes to be friends with it. This innocent little duck is harmless, she will make your life much better.

Tia: She is an elephant and is currently part of the Animal Crossing roster. Tia looks like a teapot with the cutest clothes and appearance.

Hamlet: Who doesn't want to be friends with a cute chubby face and a pair of big-eyed little hamster neighbors!

Poppy: She is an adorable squirrel. She is no different from her peers in real life. She wore a very cute dress and always brought a lovely smile with beautiful red fur.

Henry: Not all frogs are cute, but Henry is different in this respect. He has amazing small eyes, big dimples, and a combination of yellow, blue, and green clothes.

Megan: Fans of gummy bear candy will love Megan the moment they lay their eyes on her. She is a purple female bear with a very good character. She is very suitable for your island.

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