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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.11 will be updated soon

Nintendo recently announced that the Cowboy event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be held in a few days. This news makes players excited, looking forward to Nintendo's announcement of the upcoming 1.11 update.

The main functions of the 1.11 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are as follows:

Add new villagers

There are hundreds of villagers with different personalities in ACNH. They are very cute and some players like to spend time with them. A large number of villagers from previous games are missing in New Horizons.

Brewster has a huge fan base in the community, and many users asked Nintendo to send him back to ACNH. If Nintendo decides to add Brewster to ACNH, it will first introduce him as a traveling character, and he will stop in the square to sell coffee.

Brewster is famous for his cafe The Roost, where you can meet many villagers in previous works. With the arrival of Brewster, the habitat will also be introduced into the cafe, which will become the center of everyone's island attention.

Kapp'n is an excellent escort, very well known in the Animal Crossing community. He has taken each player from the original version of Animal Crossing to different islands. He is a very iconic character in the original Animal Crossing series, and its arrival makes Animal Crossing full of nostalgia.

There are many rumors that Nintendo will add new islands in future updates; therefore, it would be perfect for Kapp'n to help them get to those islands.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fireworks event is coming soon

The firework event is one of the most popular events of the New Horizons. Many players liked this event last year and are looking forward to it this year. The firework show starts on your island every Sunday in August at 7 pm. Regardless of the current season, the northern and southern hemispheres will receive the event on the same day.

Nintendo's New Horizons 1.11 update is mainly about these. At that time, MMOSO will also update the new Animal Crossing Items that ACNH appears. Whether it is a novice or an old player, we will take care of everyone’s needs. We ensure sufficient inventory and fast delivery. Make the best service for new and old players.


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