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​Which is the most profitable occupation in the Burning Crusade?

World of Warcraft TBC Nostalgic Service Now the new version of World of Warcraft Nostalgic Service, Burning Crusade is being tested, I believe I will meet you soon. So in the upcoming version of Burning Crusade, which profession do you think is the most profitable and profitable?

Some people say that it is a mage, and the mage can bring it from Shadowfang, Scarlet, Maraudon, Stratholme, Broken to full level, and there is no requirement for equipment. But don’t forget, the broken bug should be fixed in time, so that the wizard will have one less money-making project, and the dungeon that the wizard is best at, Shadowfang, Scarlet, Stratholme, etc. will usher in a strong opponent. knight. The status of the mages will drop a lot during the Burning Crusade.

Speaking of warlocks, because after learning the ultimate flight form, the warlocks can fly at 280 speeds, and the efficiency of double mining in the field is invincible. However, the ultimate flight status mission of the warlocks is not available in the first stage. There will be. And the most profitable version is 2.0. At this time, Gold consumes the most. Everyone has to learn to fly with 6000G. Many people also buy 4 Big Mac backpacks, which require 4000G, which means that everyone is full. The level requires a minimum of 10,000 G to be consumed immediately.

Some people say that it is a hunter because the hunter's DPS is invincible. It can not only Double Collect but also brush various elemental particles in the field and perpetual motion machine. It can also collect medicine repeatedly in some instances. But the disadvantage of hunters is that they cannot sneak. In this way, the coolest job in double mining boxes in the dungeon is the stalker.

If you don't play a team, then the best job outside the dungeon is the hunter, the best job inside the dungeon is the stalker, and the most profitable one with a trumpet is the tank. Warlocks are not as good as hunters in the wild because of the version, and they are not as good as stalkers in the copy. The mage's status as a substitute for brushing the rivers and lakes was directly replaced by faster and safer tanks.

Not everyone agrees with the above point of view. After WOW TBC Classic is opened, many players will bring tens of thousands of TBC Gold into the Burning Crusade Classic. If used properly, each profession will earn a considerable amount of WOW Classic Gold for players. If you are short of WOW TBC Gold temporarily, MMOSO can provide you with Cheap TBC Classic Gold, which is a very convenient and reliable method.



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