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​Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Snows of the Crown Wasteland Guide


It is very interesting for players to explore in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Especially when you first enter the Crown Snow Field, you may need to pay attention to some skills when opening up wasteland to improve your efficiency in the game.

1. There is no need to buy snowfields twice if you have Kai Island

2. There is no separate room in the great adventure. Choose no place when you take the adventure. Press the plus sign to enter the password. Everyone will challenge together. The same person will enter the same room. The host may not be the owner, and the teammates will automatically change if the connection is dropped. Replace with NPC (If you want to open a designated Pokémon, the host chooses the designated one, and other people do not specify it. After the host opens it, others will open it again)

The Snows of the Crown Wasteland

3. After the big adventure is over, take it away and click to view the attributes. It's not a shiny, you dont need to take it away. You can still catch it next time. Whether the same challenge shinyes or not depends on the character ID, not the Pokémon itself, that is, someone on the same team shinyes, but you may not be able to shiny. It's okay if it's not a divine beast.

4. When the player walks to the village, talk to the NPC in the village, and the Pokémon can be released to the outside world.

5. Huge adventure items will not be snatched from each other, but Pokémon will.

6. Huge adventure. It is recommended that 3-4 players team up to play faster and not easy to overturn.

7. For the beasts encountered in the big adventure, you can mark 3 locations, and you can drive directly from these three locations next time.

8. If you disconnect or quit in the middle of a huge adventure, you will be punished after three consecutive times. You can only continue to participate in team battles by paying 3 ore.

Crown Snow Field

9. The extremely huge adventure capture rate is 100%, whatever ball you use.

10. Great adventure shiny rate, with shiny symbol 1/100, if not 1/300

11. At present, it is basically certain that you can't take a big risk and you can't random count, because it is not until the final settlement that the random shiny is determined, and it has nothing to do with the date, so it can't shiny like the previous random number, now it's better than anyone else.

12. Kailudio find all the footprints and then bring the Three Musketeers to trigger the plot

13. Find the home of a child wearing Ibrahimovic in Little Nebula Village and talk to Little Nebula directly

14. The toilet king, the team brings 5 toilets, which can be triggered by a pit in the middle of the 4 stones.

15. The snowfield costume is unlocked by the plot, and then changed to the daughter, not much.

16. At any level in the middle of the adventure, if you have been connected to the Internet before, you will skip one level and enter the next level if the network is disconnected, but the wizard cannot be changed, the line is random, and there will be a penalty for disconnection and ore penalty at the end.



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