​Final Fantasy XIV 5.45 Guide: How to get every new hairstyle, expression and other new updates

Every update patch of Final Fantasy XIV will always have many new hairstyles, mounts and expressions in the character dress. In the 5.45 update, a virtual wardrobe for players to place their characters.


So far, the biggest new feature in this patch is Cerberus installation. Given that Patch 5.45 is mainly around the Bozjan Southern Front event, it is learned that you need to brave the battlefield to get your three-headed dog, not tied to the boss's loot table, which is tied to the achievement. As long as you are eventually killed there, the achievement will be triggered and you can redeem your mount from the vendors in Old Gridania.

New Hair Style

New Hair Style in FFXIV

Undoubtedly, the most demanding (and most valuable) item in the patch is "modern aesthetics-early rise" rolling-new hairstyles. Essentially, this is the head of the bed. This hairstyle has been used for a long time and won the championship of the player design competition in 2015.

New Emote

New Emote in XXIV

If you want to be scary, you can use the new FFXIV 5.45 dance emoji. Although it's not a thriller, it can be. To get the Dark Entreaty emoji, all you have to do is spend 50 Bozjan clusters at the relevant vendors. Using the emoji items in the list, you will be able to use the /malevolence command.

New Parasol

Bozjan Southern Front continues to promise to add new parasol designs over time and now has its own. No longer relying solely on Ishgardian's repair work, buying a blue Pleasant Dot parasol only costs 25 Bozjan clusters at the relevant manufacturer.

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