​Path of Exile: How can I Level up character fast?

The beginner players of Path of Exile will feel fresh when they first enter the POE, but you'd better read the guide or entry tips first, which can help you avoid detours. Leveling up is necessary. You need to try to understand many functions in the game, especially the POE currency, which runs almost around the entire game.

Alteration Shard

Almost all the role levels of difficulty will be divided into stages. The same is true for POE.

Level 1-30

This is the easiest part that beginner players will experience. You only need to follow the prompts and complete the daily tasks to easily reach level 30. During this time, you only need to worry about blue packs.

Level 30-65

Starting from level 30, you need to get as much XP as possible. Check out Dried Lake or the docks and other places to further refine XP. The most important thing is to focus on the evolution of roles built through PoE. As your character level increases, your skills will change a lot. You will have more experience dealing with more monsters, and you will get more XP.

Level 65-90

When your character level reaches 65 or above, you can at least start running non-red maps. You can continue to do this to level 90. As the level increases, the difficulty of the map you face will also become greater. You will need to research and cultivate PoE currency for your use in the game to get better rewards and experience. Exalted Orbs are also the baseline currency.

It is worth noting that the upgrade speed will become slower and slower, because the difficulty increases, so you need to speed up your upgrade speed, enhancing the role is very necessary.

How to improve upgrade efficiency?

You can join a team, defeat the enemy together with team members, or use the help of others to complete challenges to gain gains. You can also purchase suitable equipment, make full use of the POE Currency you cultivate, and choose the best equipment according to the difficulties you face, which will achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

Where to farm PoE Currency?

It is also important to know where to farm. The populated areas in each act are the best, such as Ledge in the first act and Fellshrine Ruins in the second act. In the third act, head to places like The City of Sarn or the docks. Through these areas, you will be able to upgrade immediately. What are the better places for farm POE Currency? Come to MMOSO and tell us.


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