​How to choose to join the new world faction?

Amazon's new MMO new world is about to open, New World's PvP system provides more activities, it is very important to join the faction. You will be faced with the choice of which new world faction to join. Which faction is the best New World faction?

Which faction is the best New World faction?

No matter which faction you join, your daily activities will not change much, but your role on the African continent and the number of influence and enemies you have will change. If you choose to join faction money, you can first understand the focus of activities provided by different factions. It is wise to make a choice based on needs.

What are the factions in the new world?

The ultimate goal of the New World faction is to conquer as much territory as possible and rule the continent. You can start a war with other factions to fight for land control, and you can also encounter enemies on your territory to plunder your land resources. You can also do some regular PVE or PVP missions to fight the enemy and be open to challenges from other players. Join the faction you will no longer be fighting alone.

How to choose to join the new world factions

Your character level needs to reach level 10 to be eligible to join the faction. After choosing a faction, you will complete a series of introductory tasks. So which faction should you choose? If you want to have a high starting point, choose a big faction for a long time, so that you will understand how the faction works faster and whether the gain has a sufficient impact on your game style. If you want more challenges, choose medium or small factions.

Any kind of faction has its advantages and disadvantages, but as long as your character skills are strong enough, no matter which faction you join, you will be fearless. For beginner players, if you don't have a good game foundation, Through other reliable methods, use New World Coins earlier than other players, otherwise, you may suffer a lot.  After all, the new game levels are equal.

This is not impossible. In the internal and public beta stages, almost all the levels that MMOSO professional players have completed maybe a little different from the officially released version, but the difference is not too big and will not affect New World. The cultivation and use of Coins hope that more players will follow the MMOSO.com.


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