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Path of Exile 3.24 Skeleton Archer Build




Fellow Exiles, let's dive into creating a Skeleton Archer build guide in Path of Exile (PoE) for patch 3.24. This guide will help you summon powerful skeleton archers to deal damage from a safe distance.



Are you ready to master the Skeleton Archer build in PoE's 3.24 patch? This build focuses on summoning skeleton archers to deal massive physical and elemental damage while you support them with buffs and defenses.





This build is focused on being a Minion/Summoner type character. The main skill utilized is Summon Skeletons (Archers), which allows you for the summoning of powerful minions to aid in combat. The Ascendancy path chosen is Necromancer (Witch), further enhancing the minion-based gameplay. In terms of defense, this build prioritizes high Life, Energy Shield, and Resistances to ensure survivability. On the offensive side, the focus is on boosting the damage, speed, and accuracy of the minions to maximize their effectiveness in battle.


Pros and Cons

The build's advantages include a high damage potential, as multiple archers attack simultaneously, and good survivability since the minions attract enemy aggro. The flexibility in gear options allows for various playstyles, and the build is effective in both solo and group play.


However, the poe skeleton archer  build also has its drawbacks. It requires careful positioning to maximize the minions' effectiveness and ensure the character's safety. The minion AI can be unpredictable, leading to unexpected outcomes in battle. Additionally, the build can be gear-dependent to fully realize its damage potential, which may require large amounts path of exile currency to purchase specific items to achieve optimal performance. 


Skill Gems and Links

The skill gem setup for this build centers around the main skill of Summon Skeletons. The primary link setup includes Summon Skeletons, Minion Damage Support, Vicious Projectiles Support, Pierce Support, Elemental Damage with Attacks Support, and Greater Multiple Projectiles Support. These links enhance the minions' damage output, projectile effectiveness, and elemental damage.



In addition to the main skill, there are several supporting skills that contribute to the overall gameplay.


Auras such as Hatred, Precision, and Generosity Support (which is linked to Hatred and Precision for increased effectiveness) provide additional benefits to the character and their minions.


Movement skills like Flame Dash and Faster Casting Support offer mobility and faster skill casting.


Utility skills include Convocation to reposition minions, Flesh Offering to boost minion attack speed, and Desecrate to generate corpses needed for Flesh Offering. Together, these skill gems and links create a powerful and efficient minion-based build.


Passive Skill Tree

For the passive skill tree, several key nodes are crucial for this poe skeleton archer build.


Firstly, Minion Damage enhances the overall damage output of the summoned archers, making them more effective in combat.


Secondly, Minion Life and Resistances increase the survivability of the minions, allowing them to stay in battle longer and absorb more enemy aggro.


Thirdly, Minion Attack Speed speeds up the attack rate of the minions, enabling them to deal damage more rapidly.


Fourthly, Aura Effectiveness boosts the strength and radius of auras, improving the effectiveness of supportive skills like Hatred and Precision.


Lastly, Life and Energy Shield nodes are important for the character's own survival, providing a buffer against incoming damage and ensuring the character can withstand enemy attacks while the minions do most of the fighting.




Ascendancy Nodes

For this build, several key Ascendancy nodes are crucial to further enhance the minion-based gameplay.


Mindless Aggression boosts minion damage, attack speed, and movement speed, making the summoned archers more aggressive and faster in combat.


Unnatural Strength grants additional levels to minion gems, increasing their power and effectiveness.


Commander of Darkness increases the effectiveness of auras on both the character and their minions, providing a greater range of benefits from supportive skills.


Bone Barrier provides a substantial defensive boost and additional minion survivability, ensuring the minions can stay in battle longer and protect the character more effectively.





-Wand: +1 to all Minion Skill Gems, increased minion damage, cast speed.



Spirit Shield: High Energy Shield, increased minion life, and resistances.



Chest: Skin of the Loyal or a rare chest with high life and resistances.

Helmet: The Baron for additional strength and life leech for minions.

Gloves: Rare gloves with minion damage, life, and resistances.

Boots: Bones of Ullr for additional skeletons or rare boots with life and movement speed.



Amulet: Jinxed Juju for increased aura effectiveness and damage mitigation.

Rings: Rare rings with life, resistances, and minion damage.

Belt: Stygian Vise with high life, resistances, and a minion jewel socket.



Life Flask: Instant recovery with bleed immunity.

Quicksilver Flask: Increased movement speed.

Granite Flask: Increased armor.

Basalt Flask: Physical damage reduction.

Quartz Flask: Phasing for better mobility.


Playstyle and Tips

Position yourself strategically to avoid direct damage, letting your skeleton archers handle the offense.

Regularly use Convocation to reposition your minions and keep them attacking.

Keep Flesh Offering active to maximize your minions' attack speed and overall damage output.

Use auras effectively to boost your minions' damage and accuracy.



The Skeleton Archer build in Path of Exile 3.24 offers a powerful and flexible playstyle, allowing you to dominate both solo and group content with an army of deadly archers. With the right setup and gear, you can achieve high damage output and robust defenses, making this build a top choice for summoners in the current patch. If you don't have enough currency budget, you can visit, we have many poe orbs on stock. 




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