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Path Of Exile 3.24 Announcement - What to Expect?




The new season of Path of Exile is about to be released, and there must be many players of Path of Exile looking forward to it, right? Here is a quick update to inform you what has been confirmed so far,  for the POE 3.24 expansion announcement. Come and take a look !!!




Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis Expansion details will be announced on 21st of March 2024 (PDT). Featuring the contents specified in this video along with POE 2. Exciting new features, balance changes and expansion content reveal awaiting soon! Here are the specific contents from the video:


Here is a quick update to inform you what has been confirmed so far,  for the POE 3.24 expansion announcement.


Updated Trade system

It was mentioned in a zizaran  interview with the developers,  that, there is going to be a set of major updates to the existing trade system. One such example is the itemization of aisling and other syndicate bench crafts. Currently,  these services are quite expensive and is mostly traded via 3rd party platforms such as discord.This future itemization can massively reduce the trade value of these bench crafts. but on  the plus side, this will make it more accessible and less time consuming for crafters. We might also be surprised with some more changes  in the trading system especially with bulk trading. Details which i cannot mention  yet due to the lack of enough evidence.


More Quality of life features

When it comes to QOL, every league GGG comes up with more improvizations to  the quality of life features to save time and effort for us as players. One such confirmation is changes to passive tree respecs / orb of regret's functioning changes. this was also mentioned in  the zizaran interview. With POE Respeccing the passive tree could be much cheaper and accessible at lower levels while being more expensive at higher levels. There is  no good reason to make things ruthless for newer players in my opinion, unless the company wants  to limit their audience for server performance. GGG is changing for the better these days, especially in terms of welcoming other  arpg audiences to their beloved franchise. There are several rumoured quality of life  changes in 3.24 which im unable to share, due to the sheer lack of evidence supporting them. But in 3.24, We will certainly be flashed  with a series of new transfigured gems. You New Transfigured gems could expect the old righteous fire which could be based on flat damage  without the scaling. But again, this is just speculation. What is confirmed so far from GGG is just more transfigured gems coming to the game.




Significant Balance changes

Which brings me to significant balance changes  which will come with this release. one such  example is that, Cycling Damage Reduction monsters  will be much easier to deal with. This mod in my  opinion was one of the most unethical and unfair  monster mods that survived the archnemesis nerf. speaking of nerfs, in terms of the skill and  passive tree, for the sake of the community,  I will not mention any specifics  in this video for GGG to nerf them. But I challenge GGG to give some love to the overall melee playstyle. What I mean by this is same level of investment  as spell and bow builds to play proper melee such  as glacial hammer, reave, heavy strike, lacerate  and the legendary cleave. this can also come in the form of melee weapon balancing or technical  changes with less reliance on totem playstyle. Personally, id like to see more deterministic  crafting options at lower levels for levelling, just as last epoch. But this is  very unlikely to happen though.


Ascendancy rework details

It is possible to see another ascendancy rework which did not happen in 3.23. I will not put your hopes up for this, but  you can expect an update on the gladiator and assassin class if there is one. along with  balance changes to the existing ones as well. The 3.24 announcement will also feature its exclusive league mechanic along with the new.


New Expansion content and changes to Past content

Items and rebalances to existing uniques.  The most anticipated information however, will be, if the current affliction league  mechanic and the wildwood passives are going to stay in the base game. Even if so, how will this be implemented?


New Awesome MTXs and Technical fixes to previous ones

The announcement will also include some  cool mtx and supporter packs. there will never be an expansion release without  a set of interesting microtransactions. This is not my area of expertise but we do deserve some technical fixes to the existing ones. especially with the goblin troupe. Finally, we will receive an important news  and update about the development of poe 2.


Path of Exile 2 Important update

I know a lot of content creators have  been spamming monotonous videos on this  topic. and this might sound less interesting now. but believe me, this game will change a RPG standards  to a whole new level when it releases. They are still adding new ideas into path of exile 2 while at the same time, learning from the success and failures of POE1 and other a RPG games. when POE2 does come out, it will however divide the community, unless POE2 end game  matches up with the standards of POE1's end game.


0:00 - Name reveal & Introduction 

0:18 - Updated Trade system

0:54 - More Quality of life features

1:42 - New Transfigured gems

1:58 - Significant Balance changes

2:49 - Ascendancy rework details

3:04 - New Expansion content and changes to Past content

3:21 - New Awesome MTXs and Technical fixes to previous ones

3:42 - Path of Exile 2 Important update


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