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​MMOSO WotLK - What are the Good Faction Rewards in WotLK Classic


One of the most tedious quests in World of Warcraft is Farming reputations, but those with the deep pockets and determination to reach reputation through power will find themselves rewarded with various rewards in Wrath. These prizes include unique mounts, great gear, useful recipes, and even the best enchantments in the slot.

It also helps that the many factions in Wrath have objectively cool designs, stories, and daily quests. From the dragons of Wyrmrest Accord and the ice giants of the Sons of Hodir, to the fringe lords Knights and laid-back Kal'uak of Ebon Blade, it's hard to think of a better faction expansion than Wrath.

Good Faction Rewards in WotLK Classic

Greater Inscription Shoulder Enchants

On top of that, all classes need to have the Sons of Hodir prestige raised to prestige in order to take advantage of the shoulder enchantment that this faction offers. You heard me right. No matter your class or playstyle, if you want to get some of the best shoulder enchants in the game, you'll need a reputation here.

For this reason, the Advanced Inscription enchantment is the most sought-after reputation reward in the entire Rage. We hope you enjoy the frost giants, as you'll get a good look at them by the end of Wrath of the Lich King. Keep calm, friends.

Arcanum Of Torment

Another reason the damage dealer in plate armor farms rep with the Ebon Blade is the best head enchants in this slot, which you can buy with a revered reputation. Considering that both this enchantment and your pre-bis boots are from the Order of the Ebon Blade, it's a good idea for all plate-armored DPS to don the Ebon Tabard first when running heroes.

This will give you a steady source of additional Ebon Blade reputation, hopefully allowing you to earn those benefits faster. The tabard look also offers an added bonus for those who prefer punk or goth clothing.

Mastercraft Kal'uak Fishing Pole

Players who are particularly fond of the fishing pastime will want to get their Karuk reputation to reputation as soon as possible to get this superlative fishing rod. The Mastercraft Fishing Rod increases your Fishing Skill by 30 points and provides the ability to breathe underwater which is useful in certain situations.

The massive Fishing skill buff this rod provides will make fishing in Northrend a breeze. It's worth noting that the Arcanite Rod awarded after winning a fishing tournament in Stranglethorn Vale is still slightly better than this rod, but the difference is negligible.

Mysterious Egg

You can get the reward Mysterious Egg from the Oracles faction in Sholazar Basin, which can be claimed repeatedly. Sadly, you'll have to give up your reputation with their hostile Wolvar faction in order to raise your Oracles reputation to Revered and start receiving these eggs. However, the Wolvar faction doesn't really offer any benefits as desirable as these mystery eggs.

Once you get your hands on a mystery egg, it takes seven days for it to finally hatch into a cracked egg that you can crack open. Inside, you'll often find aged egg yolks, a nearly useless food. That being said, each egg does have a small chance of containing a number of unique pets, as well as the reins of the much sought after Green Proto-Drake mount. Good luck!

Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper / Mechano-Hog

Alliance Vanguard and Horde Expedition each provided engineers with schematics of one of the coolest decorated mounts in the game: an actual motorcycle. Unfortunately, you have to farm all the way to reputation to buy the schematic, and the other rewards each reputation offers are mediocre at best.

Also, the materials to craft these motorcycles are very expensive, so even if you've earned the requisite reputation, you'll need a lot of gold to build one. Still, who wouldn't want to show off their motorcycle?

Reins Of The Red Drake

Speaking of unique mounts, Reins of the Red Drake is a noble reward from the Wyrmrest Pact that will make your flight to Northrend even more enjoyable. Players who are particularly fond of the Drake mount model will be happy to ride their own red drake.

Sure, you could argue that the Wyrmrest Pact selling one of their own to what essentially boils down to slavery is a questionable practice, but we're not here to question the morality of the Red Dragonflight.

Spaulders Of The Giant Lords

These mighty Plate Shoulders are available as venerable rewards from the Sons of Hodir faction, and serve as a great pre-bis (best before raid) item to equip the Plate Damage Dealer. While you might question the efficiency of earning a great reputation through replaceable pre-bis items, you'll find later that you'll need to reputation with the Sons of Hodir for other reasons.

In this case, if you weren't lucky enough to win the shoulder slot raid drop early in the expansion, you might as well take advantage of those shoulders. As an added bonus, they also have a really cute model.

Dragonfriend Bracers

Once you reach a great reputation with Wyrmrest Covenant, you can purchase Dragonfriend Bracers, a must-have item for Feral Druids, rogues, and hunters. These bracers have a great attack power, critical strike chance, and stamina, and once you have them you'll be very happy with your character's increased damage output.

They also have the added benefit of being an added bonus for anyone interested in buying the reins of the Red Dragon, so why not? That is the so-called one stone strikes two dragons.

Sandals Of Crimson Fury

Another great reputation reward from Wyrmrest Pact is the Crimson Wrath Sandals. These sandals are a must-have for every spellcaster in the game, with the added benefit of socket slots that allow you to customize their stat bonuses.

As with Dragonfriend Bracers, this is another great reward for working on your Reins of the Red Drake. Plus, everyone knows that red is a great color for any kind of footwear.

Death-Inured Sabatons

Speaking of sneakers, reaching a reputation with the Knights of the Ebon Blade will reward physical damage plate wearers with their pre-bis boots. In addition to having a ton of critical strike rating, strength, and stamina, these riding boots have two slots that you can fill with gem bonuses of your choice.

All things considered, you can see why they're the best boots for the plate armor class, unless you've earned Malygos' low-drop-rate Melancholy Sabatons. Your chances are slim at best, given the popularity of plate-wearing DPS classes in Wrath. provides you with the Wrath Classic Guide, if you want to see other guides, return to MMOSO's news page. Players who need to buy WotLK Classic Gold can click here directly.



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