​MMOSO - What are Titan Rune Dungeons in WoW WotLK Classic?

In the new patch notes for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Wowhead has data-mined a set of Heroic Plus-related achievements. They're called Defense Protocol Alpha, and they cover all 12 dungeons from the expansion's release. Missing out are the four dungeons introduced in patches 3.2 and 3.3, but there's no reason players shouldn't see Pit of Saron or Halls of Reflection hero upgrades in the future.

Much like inserting Mythic Keystones, World of Warcraft players can enter Hero Mode in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Heroes dungeon by interacting with ritual items found at the dungeon's entrance. If all five players channel it simultaneously, it will significantly boost the damage and health of the monsters in the instance, and introduce new boss mechanics.

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Unlike Mythic Keystones, Heroic Plus doesn't run out of timers, but instead acts as a traditional dungeon challenge for World of Warcraft players to overcome. The loot dropped from this new dungeon difficulty will be equivalent to Naxxramas gear in its 10-player mode, effectively giving players a new way to bridge the gear score gap, and providing a new way to play in Titanic Olympiad. Get ready for Durr's raid.

While some might argue that adding Heroic Plus to the game makes it less authentic, there are stronger arguments against it. World of Warcraft Classic has always been at its best because it respectfully walks the fine line between faithfully preserving the experience of playing older expansions without being blindly held hostage to its flaws.

The WoW developers have released a new version on the WoW WotLK Classic public test server, which now includes the new Titan Rune dungeon. So players can now try out this difficult version of the Heroic Dungeon for themselves. Additionally, the team behind WoW Classic announced that they are about to begin raid testing for Ulduar and the Argent Tournament.

PTR Gets Character Wipe For Titan's Dungeon Test

The Titan Rune Dungeon works through a special rune that you activate at the entrance to the Heroic Dungeon in WotLK. This grants a Rune of Empowerment to all enemies in that dungeon, granting them various buffs. If you want to see the Titan Rune dungeon difficulty increase for yourself on the WotLK PTR, here's what you can do:

Enter the level 80 dungeon for the hero of your choice and interact with the mysterious Titanic remnant floating near the entrance.

If all five members of the party interact with the relic and channel the rune, all enemies will gain the rune of empowerment. On the PTR, it is sufficient for testing purposes if only one player activates the relic.

Bosses in the Titan Rune Dungeon now drop loot that was previously only available in regular 10-player versions of Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, and Obsidian Sanctum.

The devs performed a character wipe for dungeon testing on the PTR and disabled character transfers to the PTR. The reason they gave was that they wanted to test dungeons with characters equipped with the bluest items or hero gear.

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