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The Player of the Elden Ring legend, Let Me Solo Her, has put in about 200 hours into the game. finally completed the Malenia questline.

Malenia is known as Blade of Miquella or One-Armed Valkyrie. Her mother is Queen Marika, and her father is Radagon. Malenia and Miquella are twins. However, Malenia and her twin brother suffered from birth. Malenia is cursed by the Scarlet Rot festering from within and has no arms and legs. Miquella will never grow up.

Fighting Malenia

To survive and compete for the Great Runes, Malenia fights to become stronger while resisting her curse. One of Malenia's toughest battles was her half-brother Radahn. Choosing Buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes is a must-do before you play. Runes can help us upgrade weapons and equipment to the highest level and play to the maximum before the battle. These can protect us in combat and reduce the damage value. Malenia jumps into the air and slashes at the player with a brief pause. Players need to catch all loopholes and deal damage to Malenia. In the end, Malenia won. But due to the serious injury, she also fell into a deep sleep permanently.

For the introduction to Malenia this says: I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella. And I have never known defeat. It can be seen that Malenia's desire for life is very longing.

Who is Malenia?

The race of Malenia is Empyrean, which belongs to the demigod. For the most part, she is the toughest boss in Elden Ring. Malenia itself is extremely powerful. She can deal massive damage to players and is also extremely aggressive. You should not engage in combat unless you are fully prepared. Fortunately, the Malenia boss is optional, as players don't need to defeat it to progress through the Elden Ring.

Where can I find Malenia?

Malenia is at the bottom of Elphael, Brace of Haligtree. Her arena is under the stairs of the elegant place of Haligtree Roots. If you want to find her. you can go to Haligtree Roots. Remember, this battle allows multiple players, and you need help.

Once Malenia unleashes an attack called Waterfowl Dance, you need to dodge in time. Items are consumables for battle. you can choose Buy Elden Ring Items in MMOSO. The inventory is sufficient, legal, and formal, and the security of the buyer's information can be guaranteed.

The ending of Let me solo her with Malenia

Let me solo her win. The title of the game Let me solo her, aka Klein Tsuboi, is a legendary figure in the game's online community in Elden Ring. This player has special introduction information on the wiki. After entering the game, the professional player put in about 200 hours and started volunteering to assist other players in the game against Malenia through the Player Summoning feature.

The player had tried 300 to 400 times against Malenia before April 15th. and has been killed by bosses multiple times.  Finally won. After that, a player named Let me solo quickly became a legend in the gaming community.


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