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​How to use Super Mario themed Warp Pipes in Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing item with the theme of Super Mario was the most popular among players in March. I believe most players have played Super Mario, and the pipe as the main element of Super Mario is also applied to Animal Crossing this time.

After updating the game, you can purchase Mario items on the Nook Stop machine in the Resident Services Building on and after March 1st.

Super Mario

Among these items, you can buy pipes for 5,000 Bells, and you should buy at least 2 or more of these items. It takes a day for items purchased from Nook Stop to be mailed to your home.

After the mail is sent, you can place the warp pipe anywhere on the island. If you place at least 2 on different locations on the island, you can press A to jump into the pipe when facing the pipe, and you will appear on another pipe, thus creating a fast-traveling location and realizing on the island Move on quickly.

Nook Stop

You can also place more than two twisted tubes on the island to connect multiple points of interest, such as your house, Nookling store, airport, or beach! But the tubes coming out of it are random, so please place them carefully.

Able Sisters

In addition to being able to move from one place to another, there are many clever methods and easy-to-miss features of the warp bobbin. Here are the creative uses we provide you:

You can even bend the pipe almost anywhere-on the beach, on the rocks, at sea level or at the highest point on the island.

You can even put the warp pipe in your home, so you can quickly access the storage space at home!

The warps do not come in pairs-each warp will send you to another random warp on the island (if it is unique, it will be nowhere to be found). The more pipelines you have on the island, the less likely it is to reach a specific destination for the first time.

Bringing in or out the warp pipe in your home will trigger a short load screen. If you want to move around the island quickly, keep this in mind.

Pipes work the same in multiplayer mode, although pipes cannot be moved during online games.

If the exit of the warp is blocked by other objects or buildings, you will reappear at the entered location.

If you place the deformed tube on a horizontal line below the current position, you can jump into the deformed tube. This also means that you can exit the warped pipe and automatically jump to a height above the pipe.

Since you can jump into twisted pipes, you can use island-like terrain to "bury" pipes with raised ground around them, and the pipes will still work!

You can use warp pipes with terrain rivers to create private mini-islands that cannot be accessed by arched struts, only warp pipes.




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