How to get offline character Annihilus Charm in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Diablo 2: Resurrected is a high-definition Resurrected of the classic Diablo 2. It was officially launched on September 23 and supports PC, Xbox, PS4/5, and Switch platforms. The game has a huge improvement in image quality and Networked games, and it also has a console version that can be archived in common.

Veteran players know that the Annihilus Charm is one of the most popular items in Diablo 2 because it is the best way to maximize the potential of any professional in the game. It is the same in the current Resurrected version, and it is one of the most important items for players. So how do you get it in the Diablo 2 Resurrected?

In Diablo 2: Resurrected, we have two ways to obtain Annihilus Charm, namely offline characters, and online characters. Today we will introduce you to how to obtain offline characters.

How to get offline character Annihilus Charm

If you are playing the game offline, the process of obtaining an Annihilus Charm is much simpler. First, we just need to keep playing until we reach Hell and build a very badass character for ourselves. At this time, we will face Uber Diablo,  also known as Diablo Clone. At this time, he drops the charm and is much stronger than ordinary Hell Diablo. He has many times more health and is incredibly resistant to all forms of damage. If we are not prepared, we may be completely stonewalled by Uber Diablo.

When we are sure that we are ready, we obtain a Jordan Stone and sell it to any vendor. We will receive the news of Diablo Walks the Earth. Uber Diablo will spawn at the next unique enemy we encounter, such as Corpsefire in the Den of Evil, or anything that would normally spawn.

If we defeat him, we will get an Annihilus Charm, which is a one-time charm, we can keep it in our inventory forever to increase EXP boost or significantly increase all our statistics.

The above is the method that offline character players need to know to obtain the Annihilus Charm. The process is very simple, you can try it. The next issue will explain how online characters can get it, so stay tuned.

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