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Here are all the worth-making unique items in the Diablo II Remastered, how many have you made?





Diablo II Remastered has been out for a while now, and most players have moved past the initial stages of exploration, with everyday items that were scarce in the early game becoming more abundant. As a game focused on grinding, with players investing a lot of time, some of the easier-to-drop items like low-level runes, gems, jewelry, etc., have also accumulated quite a bit.


With limited storage space, not all low-level runes are worth keeping in large quantities. There aren't many commonly used low-level rune words in the mid to late game; they are mainly used for cleansing low-tier rune words (such as "Insight" and "Spirit") and crafting unique equipment, among other things.


The runeword "Insight" is a very common and cost-effective low-cost runeword. If possible, aim for the 35% Fast Cast Rate (FCR) attribute. The runes used for "Insight" are number 7 (Tal), number 10 (Sol), number 9 (Ort), number 11 (Amn), and number 15 (Hel, which adds a Town Portal scroll and can clear enchantments from equipment). Necromancers using "Spirit" iron golems should stock up on "Wisdom" rune words, which use runes number 8 (Ral), number 3 (Tir), number 7 (Tal), and number 12 (Sol). By frequently farming cow fields, you won't be short of these runes and base materials.




Crafting unique items usually requires a certain level of the crafting character and the item level of the base magic materials. In the remastered version, it's not easy to know the item level of magical equipment without some tools or research, so it's recommended to use a high-level character (93 or above) to gamble for corresponding magical equipment in shops that meet the crafting requirements, then use this character to craft. Leveling up to 93 later in the game isn't very difficult; just grind in level 85 areas and avoid dying too often to retain experience.


Unique equipment will have certain fixed attributes based on the equipment slot and crafting formula. There are too many types to cover here, but we'll briefly introduce some of the more common types of unique equipment crafting formulas, mainly differing in runes, perfect gems, and magic base materials. In addition to up to three fixed attributes, there can also be up to four random suffix attributes: one prefix and three suffixes, two prefixes and two suffixes, three prefixes and one suffix. It's not possible to have four prefixes or four suffixes at the same time.


Some equipment may have different translations due to different languages and patches, so it's advisable to carefully compare the equipment style in the pictures. Common, Extended, and Elite represent three levels of the same style of equipment.


(1) Rune number 4 (Nef)


Rune number 4 can be used to craft orange gloves (Blood series), with the formula being: magic thick leather gloves (Common)/sharkskin gloves (Extended)/vampire bone gloves (Elite) + Number 4 (Nef) + Perfect Ruby + Any Jewelry. Fixed attributes: +(10-20) Life, (1-3)% Chance to steal life on hit, (5-10)% Chance to Crushing Blow (CB).




(2) Rune number 9 (Ort)


Rune number 9 can be used to craft unique gloves (Mana restoration series), with the formula being: Magic leather gloves (Common)/magic leather gloves (Extended)/thorn gloves (Elite) + Number 9 (Ort) + Perfect Amethyst + Any Jewelry. Fixed attributes: +(10-20) Mana, Mana Regeneration increased by (4-10)%, (1-3) Mana restored per kill (EK).


Rune number 9 can also be used to craft another type of unique gloves (Power Strike series), with the formula being: Magic cuirass gloves (Common)/heavy bracers (Extended)/armguards (Elite) + Number 9 (Ort) + Perfect Sapphire + Any Jewelry. Fixed attributes: 5% Chance to cast level 4 Frost Nova when hit, Knockback, Attacker takes (3-7) damage.


(3) Rune number 8 (Ral)


Rune number 8 can be used to craft unique spellcasting series necklaces, with the formula being: Magic necklace + Number 8 (Ral) + Perfect Amethyst + Any Jewelry. Fixed attributes: +(10-20) Mana, Mana Regeneration increased by (4-10)%, +(5-10)% Fast Cast Rate.


(4) Rune number 12 (Sol)


Rune number 12 can be used to craft orange rings (Blood series), with the formula being: Blue quality ring + Number 12 (Sol) + Perfect Ruby + Any Jewelry. Fixed attributes: +(1-5) Strength, +(10-20) Life, (1-3)% Chance to steal life on hit.


Combining these commonly crafted unique items, the worth-keeping low-level runes are numbers 4 (Nef), 8 (Ral), 9 (Ort), and 12 (Sol). Number 7 (Tal) is also worth keeping since both "Insight" and "Spirit" require it. If you have too many, three can be directly combined into number 8. Perfect gems have many uses, and it's recommended to store the more valuable perfect rubies and perfect amethysts separately, rather than using them to cleanse blue quality amulets (use other miscellaneous gems for that).






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