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​Diablo 2 Resurrected high practical unique protective gear sharing


In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the gear attributes of unique quality are all good, so which ones are worth keeping in magic find? The following content is the highly practical unique protective gear in Diablo 2 Resurrected organized by MMOSO for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to all players.


Bloodfist is a unique pair of Heavy Gloves, which is undeniably good gear in the early game. It does not only have attack speed but also +40 to life, which is equivalent to helping you get a lot of stamina for free in the initial stage.


Chance Guards

Chance Guards are unique Chain Gloves and are a special glove for treasure hunting, which provides high magic find and a fixed 200% Extra Gold From Monsters.  


Magefist is a very famous unique pair of Light Gauntlets, which provides +20% Faster Cast Rate, Regenerate Mana, and +1 To Fire Skills.


Frostburn is a unique pair of Gauntlets. This glove Increases the maximum mana by 40%. Along with Magefist, Frostburn is a pair of gloves directed towards spellcaster use.


Hellmouth is a unique War Gauntlets, its added fire damage is useful for physical fighters.

Dracul's Grasp

Dracul's Grasp is a unique Vampirebone Gloves. It has 7-10% Life Stolen Per Hit and 5% Chance To Cast Level 10 Life Tap On Striking, which gloves have bonuses that are very useful for melee fighters.


Steelrend is a unique Ogre Gauntlets. The Enhanced Damage is high and 10% Chance of Crushing Blow, but its required strength is as high as 185.

The skin of the vipermagi

The skin of the vipermagi is a unique Serpentskin Armor. Since ancient times, it has been a very practical general-purpose armor of magic. It 30% Faster Cast Rate, All Resistances +20-35, and +1 To All Skills. It is one of the pride of unique armor.

Duriel's Shell

Duriel's Shell is a unique Cuirass, it has all resistances, high life, and cannot be frozen. It is usually used for mercenaries to equip, which greatly improves the survival rate of mercenaries.


Shaftstop is a unique Mesh Armor, like the Duriel's Shell, most of them are armor equipping by mercenaries. Although the resistance is less, the Damage Reduced is increased by 30%, which is a kind of disguised compensation.    

Skullder's Ire

Skullder's Ire is a unique Russet Armor. Diablo 2 Resurrected is a spawn treasure game, no one doesn't like a gear with a high spawn D2R Items rate, not to mention this armor with a high treasure rate and +1 To All Skill Levels.

Guardian Angel  

Guardian Angel is a unique Templar Coat, it provides 15% to the maximum all resistance, block rate, and attack rating against demons.

Ormus' Robes

Ormus' Robes is a Unique Dusk Shroud, it has a +3 bonus to a random Sorceress Skill, the random skill can be any Sorceress Skill, except for Fire Mastery, Hydra, Lightning Mastery, Frozen Orb, and Cold Mastery.

The Gladiator's Bane

The Gladiator's Bane is a Unique Wire Fleece. If the mercenary has already worn " Treachery" today, then this piece can be given away or collected, but if not, it can be worn.


Tyrael's Might

Tyrael's Might is a unique Sacred Armor. If you get it, it is highly recommended that you collect it, because it is one of the rarest gear in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and requirements -100% makes it wearable without adding any strength or agility other than the level requirement.

Moser's Blessed Circle

Moser's Blessed Circle is a unique Round Shield. It is really useful to get this shield at the beginning of the game. It has all resistance and a high chance of blocking. You can also add diamonds into the two sockets for free to improve all resistance.  

Blackoak Shield

Blackoak Shield is a unique Luna, a type of shield. It provides a lot of Absorb Cold Damage, Half Freeze Duration, +50% Faster Block Rate and a lot of life.


Stormshield is a unique Monarch, a type of shield. It is one of the best shields in the whole game, with a super high block rate and Damage Reduced By 35% of OP, no matter what class, as long as you have a one-handed weapon, you will want a Stormshield.

Head Hunter's Glory

Head Hunter's Glory is a unique Troll Nest, a type of shield. This shield is not easy to get, and the range of changes is large, but the added value is high. If you get three sockets, you can use them with runes or gems.



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