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​D2R Patch 2.5 Mercenary Guide - Best Gear & Runewords For Each Act Merc In Diablo 2 Resurrected


In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Mercenaries (also called mercs or hirelings)  are NPCs you can hire to fight alongside you to defeat Prime Evils. Mercenary Runewords are often used to increase survivability or to provide a supporting function to the player. In this guide, we will introduce the best d2r runewords and gear for each act mercenary in D2R 2.5.

Basic Types Of Mercenaries In Diablo 2 Resurrected

There are four types of mercenaries in Diablo 2:

Rogue Scouts (ACT 1) -  Rogue Scouts are the first mercenaries available to you in Diablo 2 Resurrected. To unlock them, you must complete the Sisters' Burial Grounds quest provided by Kasha in Rogue Encampment.

Desert Mercenary (ACT 2) - Desert Mercenary is the second type of mercenary you can hire and can be hired through Greiz in Lut Gholein. You can find him north of the town's Waypoint, near the entrance to the Sewers Level 1.

Iron Wolf (ACT 3) - Players will receive a free Iron Wolf Mercenary reward for completing the Blade of the Old Religion quest in Act III.

Barbarian(ACT 5)-  In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the last mercenary players can get is the Barbarians of Harrogath. You can hire them from Qual-Khek in the  Harrogath center.

( Note: None Mercenary In Act 4 )

Best Gear & Runewords For Each Act Mercenary In D2R Patch 2.5

ACT 1 Mercenary Best Gear & Runewords

Rogue Scouts can imbue Fire or Cold damage into their arrows. Rogues with Cold Arrows can use the Freezing Arrow skill, while rogues with Fire Arrows can use Explosive Arrows. Here are the best gear and rune words for ACT 1 mercenaries:

Insight Runeword - Act1 Rogues now have access to this weapon, which is known for being the best ladder starter mercenary weapon and is often a strong end-game choice as well.

Faith Runeword - Fanaticism aura adds massive damage and attack speed, and Faith is one of the most physically damaging missile weapons in the game. Faith is a Ladder-only runeword and can only be obtained through non-ladder transactions!

Mist Runeword - Mist is a ladder-only runeword that can only be used with crossbows and bows, it can give ACT 1 mercenary a level 8-12 concentration aura.

Harmony Runeword - Harmony rune word can provide a level 10 Vigor Aura that increases players' walk/run speed by 36%. It's worth noting that Harmony is a Ladder-only rune word and can only be obtained through non-ladder trades.

ACT 2  Mercenary Best Gear & Runewords

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the desert mercenary of Act 2 is considered the best mercenary for any class build you're running. Here are the best gear and rune words for ACT 2 mercenary:

Infinity Runeword - The Conviction aura provided by Infinity maximizes the effects of the high-level chain lightning from the weapon, making it the best mercenary weapon for almost any character that deals elemental damage. Infinity is a Ladder-only rune word that can only be constructed by ladder characters.

Insight Runeword - Insight Runewords provides a meditation aura up to level 17, plus it has a high attack rating bonus and deals a lot of damage, is very popular among casters. Insight is also a ladder-only Rnueword.

Doom Runeword - In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Doom Runeword has a level 12 Holy Freeze Aura that deals cold damage and slows enemies. Additionally, it inhibits the monster's healing, freezes the target for 3 seconds on contact, and reduces the enemy's cold resistance by 40-60%.

Ethereal Reaper’s Toll - When Reaper's Toll is used on a mercenary, it is particularly valuable for characters who deal physical damage. It is one of the best weapons to improve the physical damage of players.

Ethereal Bonehew / Obedience / Breath of the Dying - They're the great budget option for the early and mid-game

Ethereal Tomb Reaver - In Diablo II: Resurrected, Ethereal Tomb Reaver is also a good choice for ACT 2 Mercenary, it has +30-50% all resistances, and 60% base attack speed.

ACT 3 Mercenary Best Gear & & Runewords

In the game, Act 3 Iron Wolf Mercenary has the highest resistance and is divided into three different types, specializing in different elements: Ice, Fire, and Lightning. Here are the best gear and rune words for ACT 3 mercenary:

Spirit Runeword - Spirit is an excellent end-game spellcasting rune word, and it's cheap. It makes mercenaries cast spells faster and +2 to all skills.

Lawbringer Runeword - Lawbringer offers a level 13 to 16 Sanctuary Aura and the very rare Slain Monsters Rest in Peace mod, making it a powerful switch weapon, mercenaries will be able to fight physically immune monsters as well as undead.

Azurewrath - Azurewrath has extremely high bonus Cold damage and bonus magic damage and also grants its wielder a Sanctuary Aura and +1 Skill.

Ormus' Robes - Ormus' Robes can increase the damage of Cold, Fire, and Lightning Skill, and double Spirit and Flickering flame are especially useful on your Kicksin.

Night Wings - It offers +2 to skills and added cold damage.

Storm Shield - Storm Shield provides a particularly high boost to cold resistance and also has the ability to reduce enemy damage by 35%, the highest such bonus of any single d2r item in the game.

ACT 5 Best Mercenary Gear & Runewords

Of all the mercenaries in Diablo 2 Resurrected, the mercenary of Act 5 are great tank and has by far the best survivability. Here are the best gear and rune words for ACT 5 mercenary:

Last Wish/Plague - Putting the Last Wish Runeword in the main hand, and combining it with a plague rune word, is the perfect combination of Hardcore. Also, in Diablo 2 Resurrected, Plague Runeword is the only d2r item that grants your characters and mercenaries a Cleansing Aura and reduces curse and poison damage duration by at least 75%.

Grief/Lawbringer - They are the best combination of the new Frenzy Barb, Grief is straight-up godly, and Lawbringer is a must for Decrepify proc.

Plague/Lawbringer - Act 5 Mercenary with Plague and Lawbringer Runeword are great for Chaos runs on Fohdin or any character.

Guillaume's Face - Players won't be Frozen once they get Guillaume's Face, and with Grief as an off-hand, they'll have the chance for crushing blow again.

Sanctuary Aura - Sanctuary Aura allows the mercenary to roll undead, but it doesn't matter to FoHdins.

Bramble - Players can get a better time by throwing Bramble at him so the boss gets some damage whenever their summons and stuff get hit.



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