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Best Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List

Are you interested in a tier list for the Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4? Players always strive to maximize loot and experience points, so we're here to assist you. The profitability of a dungeon depends on various factors, such as the XP granted by enemies, mob density, complexity, and overall convenience. These factors determine whether a dungeon is worth farming or a waste of time. Based on these considerations, we have compiled a D4 Nightmare Dungeon tier list.


Best Nightmare Dungeon Tier List in Diablo 4

The ideal dungeon features a simple map layout, high mob density, numerous elite packs offering substantial XP, and preferably lacks the "Rescue Prisoners" objective, which can be time-consuming. Additionally, dungeons from the Intermission category are not as desirable since they lock you in a room without rewarding loot or XP. The type of mobs encountered is also important; while Penitant, Spiders, and Spider Hosts/Zombies have high density, ghosts are less abundant and more challenging to defeat.


S Tier

Champion’s Demise: A nightmare dungeon with a straightforward layout, high density, and plenty of elite packs. It also contains 1-2 shrines.

Guulrahn Canals: This map is also straightforward with high mob density, but you may encounter poison if you have high sigils.

Blind Burrows: Features a high density of spiders and only one objective with a boss. The task is to kill 3 guards, and although the map is circular, be sure to explore any offshoots.

Raethwind Wilds: Offers many elite packs and high density, but the path to the boss is quite lengthy.

Maulwood: This dungeon has simple objectives, minimizing time spent, and the mobs are relatively straightforward.


A Tier

Aldurwood: In this nightmare dungeon, you will encounter elites near each guard and on the path to the boss. Although almost as good as the S Tier dungeons, the density is slightly lower.

Crusader’s Citadel: One of the best choices due to an extremely high number of elite packs. However, at higher sigil levels, they can become challenging. Despite abundant loot, the presence of Intermission prevents Crusader's Citadel from reaching S Tier.

Serpent’s Lair: A simple dungeon where the objective is to collect Animus and then kill Eyes, which spawn an elite with additional mobs. The only downside is that this dungeon is a bit far from the waypoint, so running it multiple times consecutively is more efficient.

Abandoned Mineworks: Features a simple layout with good density, but the Rescue Prisoners objective can be time-consuming. Backtracking is also a drawback, but with sufficient map knowledge, it becomes less problematic.


B Tier

Witchwater: Although it has lower elite density and a Rescue Prisoners objective, Witchwater remains a decent nightmare dungeon.

Whispering Pines: A viable option, but it includes Intermission and lacks a significant number of elite packs.

Earthen Wound: Despite good density, this dungeon is too large to be worthwhile.

Kor Dragan Barracks: Not a bad dungeon, with a fair number of elites, but it is also excessively large.


C Tier

Demon’s Wake: Only the second part of this nightmare dungeon has good density, and navigation can be challenging.

Prison of Caldeum: The density fluctuates, and the presence of Intermission and poor navigation hinder its ranking.

Feral’s Den: This dungeon barely makes it to the C Tier due to the abundance of spiders.

Maugan Works: Includes Intermission and a Rescue Prisoners objective, but it does have some elite packs.

Sunken Ruins: With good density and thorough exploration, it could potentially make it to the B Tier, but it may take a considerable amount of time.

Shivta Ruins: Low density, Intermission, and a problematic map make this dungeon suitable for the C Tier.

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