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Diablo 4 Season 1 Guide: How to level up quickly


Heading into Season 1 of Diablo 4, some players expressed concerns about having to create new characters each season to access the fresh content. Additionally, the 1.1.0 patch on July 18 brought about damage, survivability, and XP gain nerfs, leading many players to wish for a faster leveling experience.


To address this, we've conducted some tests and are here to provide useful tips for quickly leveling up new characters in both the Eternal Realm and with new seasonal characters in Diablo 4.

Leveling with your friends

Firstly, leveling with friends can significantly speed up the process. Being near teammates provides a passive XP boost, and having more people to help defeat demons can expedite dungeons and strongholds.
While this guide focuses on solo leveling, it's important to note that leveling with friends provides a passive XP generation boost. Having teammates around to help you slay demons speeds up dungeon and stronghold activities.

Leveling your first character

For those starting their first character, two main objectives will aid in preparation for leveling new characters: completing the main campaign and locating all the Altars of Lilith. Finishing the campaign is crucial not only because most seasonal activities are locked behind it but also because it unlocks the "skip campaign" option for new seasonal characters, allowing them to jump straight to level 50 and access the new content.


To complete the campaign quickly, select World Tier 1, as it offers faster and more efficient leveling progress than World Tier 2. While progressing through the campaign, take the opportunity to find all the Altars of Lilith, which grant permanent stat bonuses to all your characters.


After completing the campaign and finding all Altars, aim to reach level 45 or 50 by completing various activities like strongholds, side quests, Tree of Whisper bounties, dungeons, and Legion Events. This progress will enable you to take on the World Tier 2 Capstone Dungeon, leading to access to World Tier 3 and the post-game leveling grind.

Leveling Your Second Character

For players starting their second character, skipping the campaign and starting at level 1 in Kyovashad is an option. This character will inherit bonuses from Renown rewards, including stat boosts from Altars of Lilith, potion capacity upgrades, and skill point bonuses. Starting with these bonuses will make the second or third character significantly more powerful from level 1.


While map discovery and Altar progress carry forward from realm to realm in each new season, Renown progress from dungeons, side quests, and strongholds doesn't. Utilizing the bonuses from Renown on new characters is crucial for making the leveling process smoother.

During the leveling of a second character, XP gained from killing enemies is increased if the enemies are of a higher level than the character. In the Eternal Realm, areas have set levels, so pay attention to the map and choose higher-level areas to earn XP efficiently. In the Seasonal Realm, character regions have the same level, so focusing on strongholds is recommended for faster leveling.


By following these tips, players can streamline the process of leveling new characters and make the most of the seasonal content in Diablo 4.

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