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10 Best Areas To Explore For Dark-Types pokemon

Pokemon: Sword & Shield has 32 dark-type Pokemon, and their range ranges from undeveloped, a rather weak Pokemon to fully evolved meta-related creatures. Some Pokemon are affected by the weather and are not easy to find. Different areas will encounter different dark Pokemon, so if players try to fill their team with this type, these areas should be given priority.

Bridge Field

Bridge Field has un-evolved Pokemon, as well as some fully evolved Pokemon. Regardless of the weather, Zigzagoon and Inkay will spawn in Bridge Field and evolve into powerful Pokemon.

Stony Wilderness

Stony Wilderness benefits from the number of dark Pokemon that can be found there. The only dark Pokemon that can be produced at a low enough level in the early game and various weather is Vullaby, which is Pokemon: Shield. Exclusive.

Giant's Mirror

Pokemon, Impidimp, Pawniard, and Sneasel spawned in Giant's Mirror have evolved into powerful creatures. Impidimp evolved variant Grimmsnarl is one of the best Shiny Pokemon among swords and shields. Players can search for locations very well here.

Dusty Bowl: Shield players benefit more

Giant's Cap

If the player wants to find one of these two Pokemon to evolve it into a powerful final evolution, Obstagoon, Giant's Cap are good search areas.

Hammerlocke Hills

Thievul, Impidimp, Inkay, and Sneasel all require specific weather conditions to generate. The only weather conditions that do not cause the dark system to generate are thunderstorms and sandstorms. Therefore, when looking for powerful Pokemon, Hammerlocke Hills is reliable.

Highway 7

Route 7 is quite short. One of the most convenient parts of finding Pokemon on the route is that the weather remains the same. Thievul, Liepard, Inkay and Morpeko are all spawns of the main world, so players don’t have to rely on random encounters to find these dark types. Inkay did not evolve when captured, but it could evolve into a powerful Malamar almost immediately.

Route 8

Route 8 is divided into Route 8 and Steamdrift Way. Pawniard and Drapion are on the general highway 8, and Sneasel is on Steamdrift Way.

Vullaby's unique dark/flying type is very useful for trainers who have space to fill in the team. It is another dark type available on the general highway 8. It is exclusive to Pokemon: Shield.

Highway 9

All four Pokemon can only be obtained on this route through random encounters. Inkay appears in Circchester Bay, and Thievul, Liepard and Morpeko appear in Outer Spikemuth.

Lake of Wrath

Lake of Wrath contains some of the most powerful dark types in the game. Many powerful dark Pokemon will be generated, so players have many options to make their team as strong as possible. You will meet Obstagoon, Pangoro, Grimmsnarl and Bisharp here, it's worth the wait.




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