​Why Level Up your Steam?

Players with a Steam account know that the higher the Steam level, the greater the authority to decorate the profile and the more you can show your personal style. Players can set custom avatars, backgrounds, color schemes, etc. to impress their Steam friends!

The permissions of the Steam personal homepage are limited, but as your steam level continues to upgrade, the greater the permissions you have. So what specific benefits will you get after the Steam upgrade? If you don't know what your level is, you can also enter the level on MMOSO to view it. Isn't it very simple?

Benefits from Level up Steam

1. Add friend list: your Steam friend list is set to 250 locations by default. For each Steam level obtained, this number adds five additional slots. So far, the list has no determined maximum.

2. Additional Steam showcase column: The showcase will display the various milestones you are most proud of. Achievements are displayed near the top of your profile and can be selected from a list of milestones you have achieved.

For every 10 levels you get, you can unlock an additional display slot. This achievement will not affect the number of visible slots, but it will affect the other types you can display. There are 16 different display types to choose from, and you can set it up in any way you like.

3. Increased Booster Pack Chances: Once you reach level 10 on your Steam profile, there is a 20% chance of getting booster packs. This opportunity means that once you have obtained all possible cards for the game, you are eligible for a booster pack containing three random cards.

Every 10 levels will double your chances of getting booster packs. Whenever Steam community members make badges, booster packs will be randomly awarded to eligible users.

The steam Level Up method

1. Purchasing games on Steam to get Steam level, but it is only a reward. You cannot buy games constantly in order to Level up Steam. This is undesirable, but playing games will drop cards.

2. Trade or purchase trading cards on the Steam market to make badges. The badge awards the most XP, so you need to make as many as possible. Everyone can upgrade four times, and everyone will net you 100 XP. You can make badges from trading cards obtained in the most played games on Steam.

3. Crafting provides more than just XP. For each badge made, you will receive three random items. For every 10 levels you reach, the drop rate of booster packs will increase by 20%. These items can be emojis, profile backgrounds, etc.

Players with high levels of Steam are the result of years of accumulation, because this is not an easy task and consumes players' time and energy. If your Steam level is at an elementary level, I recommend that you purchase the Steam Level Up service directly from MMOSO, which is very cheap and easy to operate. If you want to add friends, you can also contact our 24/7 customer service, we will provide you with a platform for you to communicate freely.


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