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Steam Trading Cards FAQ

What does Steam Level Up do?

1. Steam Level Up can increase the upper limit of friends, and each level of increase will increase by 5 friends. Steam has a high level and a high reputation. High-level accounts can facilitate community communication.

2. Get the Steam personal information showcase. You can get a showcase every 10 levels to display badges, favorite games, screenshots, works of art, etc. Each badge you get will increase your experience points, and every 100 XP you get will increase a steam level.

3. Increased chance of Booster Pack drop. Each increase of 10 levels increases the drop rate by 20%.

How to quickly Level Up Steam?

The newly created Steam account is level 0. Currently, the highest level on Steam is 5000. So how to Level up Steam?

There are two methods for Steam Level Up, one is to buy games, and the other is to craft badges.

1. Buy games. Buying a game will only add 1 point of experience. Steam level 1-10 requires 100 points of experience for each level.

2. Crafting badges requires integrated steam cards. (craft a medal to gain 100 points of experience). The integrated cards are dropped when you play the game. Only games that support integrated cards will drop.

A game that supports integrated cards will only start to drop the first card when you play for 2 hours. And the steam cards dropped by playing the game will only drop half of all the cards in the game.

You need to gather a whole set of cards to craft badges. How to get the remaining half? You can only get the remaining half of the cards from the steam trading market or other platforms. When you get a complete set of cards for a game, you can craft badges.

The above methods are all effective and feasible, but they are not recommended. Because it requires you to persist for a long time, it consumes users' time and energy. If you want to your steam level up quickly, then it is better to come directly to our MMOSO.com, MMOSO provides players with Fast Steam Lvl Up Service, you only need to buy cheap Steam Level Up, we will provide the best service with Instant delivery, Fast delivery, to meet your shopping needs.

Use of level

1. Increase the top limit for the number of friends and the number of showcases.

2. It's easier for other friends to find you.

3. Make yourself stronger on Steam.

How to buy steam trading cards in MMOSO?

1. Click Sign In Through STEAM to log in to your steam account successfully.

2. Click Check button paste your "Trade URL" and save.

3. Enter your dream steam level on this site, click "Buy Now".

4. Enter your email address , pay the order.

5. We'll send you a trade offer to your steam account within 10 minutes. If there's an error, we'll give you feedback on how it can be resolved.

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