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​Why should K.K. Slider come to my island to hold a concert?

K.K.Slider is a white guitar player dog that has appeared in every game of the Animal Crossing series. As we all know, after unlocking the KK concert, we will have more opportunities on the island to show our talents in island planning. If you want him to perform a concert on the island of New Horizons, then you must first attract his attention by developing your island.

After unlocking the KK concert, K.K. will visit your island every week to play his music, which will help you complete the K.K. music collection. When playing various stereos, you will hear his music, visit villagers' houses, or you may have purchased a few of his records from Nook Stop.

Due to his traveling nature, K.K. Slider will only visit your island once a week, but in the New Horizons area, you must make your island worth visiting first. For this, you need to raise the star rating of the island to three stars to finally convince this special dog to visit.

After completing this operation, Isabelle will receive a note from K.K. Express how he heard that your island is a good place. Then, Tom Nook can invite music dogs to come to your island to perform a concert, which will be held the next day.

The long-awaited day will begin with Isabelle's announcement, and once she ends, the concert will begin. When you see the credits roll surrounded by villagers, K.K.Slider will play his new song "Welcome Horizons".

After the concert, Tom Nuuk will take you back to your home. To thank you for your hard work, Tom will give you a copy of the Welcome Horizons and Island Designer apps, which will enable you to make terrain modifications to your island. Start your heart journey on the island!

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