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​What is CSGO's Steam trading card and how do I get it?

Playing CSGO on Steam is not just the fun of playing games. It is also fun to show off on your Steam profile through CSGO synthetic badges. So as a user of Steam, do you know all about CSGO's collection cards, badges, and rare metal badges for games?

CSGO has five different trading cards and a profile badge. There are five levels of badges. To upgrade the Steam profile badge of CSGO, you need to collect another five cards and use the same badge to create a screen.

On the CSGO library page, the right column contains the section for trading cards. Clicking "View My Trading Cards" will take the player to the "Badges" section of their Steam profile. Here, players can make collectible badges and show off them on their Steam profile. These badges are only decorative and cannot be used in CSGO and can only be used for the Steam Profile display.

The Steam badge of CSGO is divided into five levels. Players can use five CSGO cards to make badges to unlock each level.

Players can also get a foil CSGO trading card from one of their random drops. These cards have a silver background and can be used as foil badges for CSGO. Unlike the five badge levels provided in the CSGO normal card, the aluminum foil badge has only one level. Aluminum foil cards can also be purchased on the Steam market.

How do players get CSGO Trading Cards dropped?

The CSGO trading card works like any other game on Steam. Playing the game allows the user to obtain a dropped trading card, which will send a useful alert from the Steam client when it happens. There is a limit to the number of drops that players can receive, but CSGO has features that most other games on Steam do not have to allow players to continue collecting.

When users spend money on CSGO microtransactions, Valve will increase the total number of dropped cards available to players. Players can check the remaining number of dropped cards by clicking on their profile in the Steam client and finding CSGO under the "Badges" section. The same menu can be found by entering their Steam inventory, clicking on the CSGO trading card, and selecting "Badge Progress" displayed below the card. Clicking on the "How do I get card discards" link will take the player to a page that displays the total number of discarded cards obtained, how the player won the card and how many discarded cards they are eligible for.

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