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​How to protect your Steam account!


Steam account theft often happens. To prevent your account from being stolen, please identify the following scams.

No1: Use fake web pages to defraud player accounts. The attack method mentioned above should be familiar to everyone. It is a phishing attack, which is what we often call "high imitation" pages, which is the most common type of steam hacking method. There are common phishing pages and phishing clients.

No2: Get the steam account by stealing the mailbox. Although this type of account hacking is very popular, there are not many people who can perceive it. Many netizens are "inexplicably" stolen by this method. Although this type of hacking method is popular, it is difficult for ordinary users to find the reason for the theft.

No3: Search the memory to find the player password. Search memory and modify memory parameters. Users who have used game plug-ins should not be unfamiliar, and this method is often used in-game plug-ins. But in fact, many hacking Trojans use similar methods. The Trojan first monitors the launch of Steam, and when it finds that the user has successfully logged in, it finds the user name and password in the memory of the Steam process by violent search and sends it back to the Trojan author!

After the Trojan discovers that the steam game is started, it will monitor a file in the steam directory, which is a credential for the steam login process. The Trojan will send the file and the obtained account password back to the Trojan author.

No4: Read the password directly from the window control. After the hacking device is started, it will first terminate the running "steam" client, and then find the Steam client installation path. After finding the installation path, release the resource file as IPHLPAPI.dll for DLL hijacking, so that the steam client will load the Trojan DLL file the next time it starts.

Once the DLL is loaded, hook into the 4 locations of the SteamUI.dll module via hooks, namely "UserNameEdit", "Password", "RememberThisComputer", and "Steam_GetTwoFactorCode_EnterCode". In this way, when the user enters the account password again, the Trojan will also simultaneously Get the input.

No5: Cover the player login box with a transparent window. Window covering Dafa has been discovered in WoW's hacking Trojan. The essence is to cover the original login box with a transparent window and cover the original password input box with the input box of the Trojan horse so that the account password entered by the user will be ignorant, and it will be in the hands of the Trojan horse.

Finally, MMOSO will give you a few skills to ensure safety in games:

  1. Install a tool with a steam account protection function to prevent account theft

  2. Use plug-ins carefully, especially plug-ins that have been blocked by anti-virus software

  3. Do not open links and files sent by game players at will. These things are likely to be phishing links or hacking Trojans.

  4. Open the mobile phone token, find an abnormality, change the password in time

  5. Set a reliable password for your mailbox.

  6. When using computers in public places to access the Internet, do not enter your sensitive information.



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