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Three Interesting Glitches In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been released for more than a year, and the game is becoming more and more popular. Constant updates have also made it one of the best-selling games on Nintendo Switch. For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, every player has a favorite aspect. Some players even like to use glitches to make their island more beautiful. Next, I will introduce the three most interesting glitches.

Climb the cliff of the fourth level in the game

Some veteran players may already know that in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the fourth level cliff is the highest. The game will prohibit you from climbing here, and there will be a prompt: It's dangerous to climb any higher. But there is also a glitch that allows you to easily climb the cliff and place some items there. Those items not only look beautiful, but they can also enhance the overall appearance of the island. To reach the fourth level cliff, you need to create four open tiles and then create a sloped cliff on one of the corners. After that, place an item in the middle and use the terraform tool to dig a hole. This may require several attempts, but through continuous effort, you will succeed in climbing to the highest point.

Get better angles and pictures

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, each player spends a lot of thought building his beautiful island. Of course, they also hope that they can take beautiful photos of their hard work to collect and share. However, not everyone knows that they can hide the character outside the frame to get a complete photo. You just have to click on the camera icon and get ready to take the picture. After that, you must move the character out of the frame and click to get the picture.

Get more museum items from Redd

Redd appeared on a boat on a small beach in the north of your island. You can expect to find him wandering the island once every 2 weeks. Redd sells famous artworks from all over the world, but he tends to sell fakes that only a keen eye can detect. Interestingly, if you buy a counterfeit artwork, Blathers will not display it in its museum. However, you can purchase the item and change the game date to the next day. After logging in again, put the purchased items on the ground, and then change the time to the previous date. After logging in, you will find that Redd's ship is on your island again, and you can buy other Animal Crossing Items you want from him.


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