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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Three game skills for new players

Pokemon Sword and Shield have attracted a lot of players since its release. Some people may not know how to proceed when they first contacted the game. Here are three tips for new players.

Explore the wilderness

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the vast and open wilderness provides players with many opportunities. There is a lot of wild Pokemon to fight and capture. Although these Pokemon can usually be found in tall grass, occasionally you will see bigger Pokemon in the wilderness. These Pokemon are usually stronger and make people very scared to defeat them. If you decide to accept these challenges, be prepared for the challenges and prepare to retreat if necessary. The wilderness area is also the location of the Pokemon lair, which looks like a circle of stones on the ground. You can also earn watts by verifying the Pokemon lair.

Set up camp

When you need to take a break during your adventure, it's time to set up a camp and relax for a while. Pokemon Bootcamp provides you with an opportunity to connect with your Pokemon partners and get some delicious rewards. You can also play with Pokemon. The advantage of this is that once you leave the camp, the Pokemon you have interacted with will gain experience points.

Build a balanced team

To effectively face the many trainers in the entire Galar region and their Pokemon, you need to build a balanced team of Pokemon partners. The key is that you have to prepare a team with many Pokemon and action abilities. In the beginning, you need to choose which Pokemon will become your first partner. Of course, please choose according to your personal preference, but please let this choice play the role of other members of the active team. Fortunately, in the early stages of the adventure, you will encounter a variety of wild Pokemon. It is not difficult to quickly form a team with a wide range of skills.

These tips can help you start your adventure in the Galar area. In addition, please choose MMOSO to buy the Pokemon you need.


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