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Players have such a high Steam level, how much money did they spend on the game?

On Steam, we usually see that some players are extremely high, so what is the level of the top players on the Steam platform? A few years ago, the player named St4ck on Steam was not listed as the first person on Steam because his level exceeded 4000.

This player is from Qatar in the Middle East. He has always been the holder of the first-level Steam account. For this reason, the V community also specially awarded him a parrot badge, which is called Parrot Brother by the player.

To Level up your Steam, Parrot has purchased more than 5,000 games, and the number of badges has exceeded 6,000. And he is not completely absent from games, such as CS: GO, APB Reloaded, H1Z1, and The Elder Scrolls Online game time has exceeded thousands of hours.

So how much money did this account cost? It was revealed that it cost about $250,000. Such a lot of money still requires a lot of energy to combine cards to create the first account on Steam.

This is just a case of a player on the steam platform, so how can we ordinary people achieve this level?

Ordinary players do not need such a high level, but it is not easy for your level to reach the level of a normal medium player, because it takes a lot of time and energy to level up, which is very slow, so there is a better Way to Level up Steam?

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