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​How to make a reasonable profit from the Steam trading card?

Since Steam is geared towards global players, there is a huge market for Steam trading cards. Many players will sell their extra cards to make a difference. If you want to make enough money to buy information about new things in the Steam transaction, then you must understand what is the best way to get a Steam card and what is the best Steam level you can reach before the transaction.

If you don't know which games support trading cards, please go to the Badges section on Steam for a list. A small message should be displayed in the upper right corner of each game, such as "Remaining 4 cards lost". Play the game until you get all these cards, and the message changes to "No cards left." You don't need to do anything in the game, you can set it up on the menu screen, and you can even complete multiple games at once.

After obtaining all the regular drop rewards, you are eligible for the Booster Pack. Each pack contains three random playing cards, of which there is little chance of finding foil cards, which are ten times more valuable. Booster Pack is randomly rewarded, you don't even need to play games to get rewards, and you only need to log in to Steam once a week. You can increase your chances of getting the Booster Pack by increasing your Steam Level Up. For every 10 levels, you increase, your chance of finding a booster will increase by 20%.

The amount of experience required to increase the Steam level by one level increases by 100xp. Therefore, the cost from level 9 to level 10 is 100xp, but the cost from level 10 to level 11 is 200xp. Thankfully, you will probably start at least at level 7 or 8, because you have had a period of free experience owning your Steam account and how many games you own. This means that you can easily get the 10th level badge by making a few badges or by posting screenshots and commenting, or get the "Pillar of the Community" badge. The higher price doesn't seem worth it, just sell your card.

The most advantageous way to get a card is that you can buy it from a country with a low exchange rate, and then sell it to a country with a high exchange rate. Although you can make money in this way, it is only worth it if you spend too much time and effort. Not all cards are the same. You can also exchange a cheap Team Fortress 2 card for an expensive Trine 2 card and make a reasonable profit.


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