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​How to activate hard mode in Pokémon Sword and Shield

With the development of the Galar area in Pokémon Sword and Shield, some changes have been integrated among players. This includes eliminating the advantage of HM looking around the road area, but concentrating all the required abilities on the player's bike, and making EXP Share a basic mechanism in the game, so the player cannot turn it on/off. However, for players who want to challenge themselves, there are several ways to share battle exposure to the entire team.

Sword & Shield added some items to the Galar area, which made training meaningless. Players no longer need to worry that their team level is too low to be able to challenge the stadium, nor do they need to worry about fighting in the Max Raids that are scattered throughout the wild areas of the region. However, this makes the journey of becoming a Pokémon trainer too easy, and some players may miss the more challenging training requirements.

To start the Hard Mode game of Pokémon Sword and Shield, players need to collect the six Pokémon they wish to train. Since the PC box can be accessed from the player's "bag" menu, they can now put Pokémon without active training in the PC box and easily shuffle the Pokémon they are using.

In this way, players can only have one Pokémon in their team at a time while training in the wilderness of routes and swords and shields. This requires players to carefully evaluate the actions they give Pokémon and allows them to spend more time with each team member, thereby making the experience of ultimately defeating the stadium and the biggest raid more meaningful.

Pokémon Sword and Shield added too many EXP boosters

Pokémon Sword and Shield adds a feature based on the mechanism of Pokémon GO. It skews how trainers can quickly improve their Pokémon. EXP Candy comes in a variety of sizes, allowing players to quickly improve team strength without fighting. When it comes to the player's Pokémon team, this convenient new item gives higher-level Pokémon a higher value than strategy and effort. To play in the hard mode in Sword and Shield, players will want to ignore the EXP candy and use encounters and coaching battles to form their own team.

Once players take the time to hone their team to the right level, they can pull all six people into their team and challenge the stadium they are preparing for the Max Raid battle they want to participate in. By avoiding EXP items to speed up the player's game, Shiny Pokemon fans can use good strategies and thoughtful cooperation with Pokémon in their team to challenge the Galar area and challenge themselves. This Hard Mode adventure game will enable fans to experience Pokémon Sword and Shield differently and hope that they will be closer to Pokémon as a trainer.


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