​What are the differences between Aion Classic and Aion?

Compared with the old district of 5.8, there are no black and white sprout sets at lv10 and lv55, no mounts, no stronghold teleportation, and running maps will be relatively torturous. without sprout sets, the green and blue outfits that drop monsters are very practical. There is an upper limit of Kinah for selling groceries for a day. Hanbok Aion Classic is about 100w, and the upper limit is shared by all characters under the same account. Aion Classic has no portable store.

Aion Classic

There will be differences between the skills of the demon and the demon, and the 5.8 version is unified, so there will be professional racial advantages in the Aion Classic, such as the demon path and the Demon Killing star, but this is not absolute.

Aion Classic bows require bows and arrows. Remember to go to the grocery store to buy bows and arrows. The more the better, because you can sell bows and arrows to other players in exchange for more Aion Classic Kinah while fighting monsters. You can use both bows and long and short swords for bow kills, so you can prepare both for bow kills. When the bow star is in a hurry, he draws a knife.

The sword star is still a weapon master. The Aion Classic has only eight stars, so you can get it except for the orb sword star in the book, but the sword star in the Aion Classic is not as good as the guardian meat, and the output is not as good as the magic way. The weapon master also causes many people to download the book without the sword star. So it's not the boss that doesn't recommend playing Sword Star.

In terms of occupation, there is no sewer occupation, except for the sword star who burns money.

There are two types of poisoning in the Killing Star Aion Classic, one for acquiring skill books, poisoning effect, one for acquiring branding and stun effect. Both of them must be used to buy scorpion poison, and bow star releases trap to buy seeds.

The damage bonus of the soul stone is very effective in the Aion Classic, but it is slightly more expensive

Aion Classic are divided into blood medicine and blue medicine. Of course, there are also purple recovery potions. The potion is very important and necessary for the body. Herbal treatment and mental recovery are also very important. Therefore, you always have Audella powder on your body. In addition, this stuff is also divided into grades. Skills are divided into levels, corresponding to different levels of Audrey's powder

Minting is very important. In the early stage, you can change transitional equipment. Useless Coins can also be traded for money. When changing equipment, pay attention to whether the attack speed is added.

Skills will not be automatically acquired as the level increases. You need to go to a professional instructor to buy them. Some skills can only be dropped by killing monsters, and the advanced skills of the same skill (no blade lv1 no blade lv2) also need to be obtained by buying a skill book.

Aion Classic clothing strengthened stones are mainly obtained by decomposing equipment. They are xx grade strengthened stones such as 46 strengthened stones and 86 strengthened stones. The higher the level, the higher the success rate of strengthening. There is no auxiliary agent for strengthening.

If you fail to fight the magic stone, all the magic stones on the equipment will disappear. The Lower Level magic stones should be retained. There will be upgrades of the magic stones in the future. Certain tasks will also require specific magic stones. +50

The production and collection of Aion Classic clothes are very important. Some collections are very valuable. It is recommended to practice at least one to make money, and future Deba missions will also need to be produced and collected.

Level Up can be upgraded by brushing elite monsters or cyclic tasks. Normal tasks (light blue arrows) can be omitted, but mission tasks (yellow arrows) must be done. Some ordinary tasks are recommended to be done, such as the Celestial Inter Dragon area waterfall teleportation task. If you don't want to spend your time on tasks every day, you can also Buy Aion Classic Kinah from MMOSO to help you easily pass levels in Aion Classic.


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