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​What you must know about the Steam community in trading

In Steam games, many players like to exchange and give away preparations. They can also sell their own accessories or buy favorite accessories on the Steam community market or third-party trading sites.

What are the functions of the Steam Community Market?

The Steam Community Market is Steam's own official market platform. It is the safest. Steam players can buy a variety of game items or sell them for purchase by other Steam players. After the sale is successful, the Steam wallet balance can be obtained. The wallet balance can be used to purchase the Steam platform. game. However, you will be charged a handling fee for items sold here, and the Steam wallet balance cannot be exchanged for cash.

STEAM also has item sales suspension protection measures. When a player logs in on a new device, STEAM will activate suspension protection. Suspended means that Steam has not confirmed whether you are the owner of the trading account. So for the sake of safety, there is a suspension period for period to prevent losses caused by wantonly trading of items in your account after bad guys get your account. Items that have been suspended at this stage cannot be released from the suspension, and can only be removed from the shelves or waiting. So it is safer.

Due to relevant Steam regulations, the newly registered Steam account does not have market and trading functions. So how to open the community market function and trading function of the Steam account?

The Steam transaction function refers to direct transactions between accounts and accounts, such as transactions between you and friends, and account transactions on third-party trading websites, such as players trading items to the robot account of the website for sale.

To activate the Steam transaction function, the following conditions must be met:

1. Enable the Steam security token and satisfy 15 days

2. If you have activated the Steam community market function and trading function, then you will also encounter [Pending]

3. Enable [Steam Mobile Token] to release the suspension after 7 days (if you cancel the mobile token, it will still be suspended)

4. There are two types of Steam security tokens, one is the mailbox and the other is the mobile phone. Players need to confirm on the mailbox/mobile phone when trading and selling in the market.

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