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​What do you think of the paid content of Aion Classic?

Aion Classic returns to the original version of Aion in 2009 and further improves the quality of life through NCSoft. Once Aion Classic was released, it has attracted widespread attention. Players can play for free and do not need to subscribe, but there are strict restrictions and can only be canceled through subscription.

Aion Classic will also add a battle pass called Daeva Pass, which provides additional tasks and rewards as well as its premium currency Quan. This currency can be used to purchase account services such as cosmetics, consumables, and name changes. In addition, Quan can be used to unlock the advanced level of Daeva Pass to get more rewards.

The developer also promised that the store will provide Pay2Win for free and will only focus on cosmetics. The accusations against MMORPG are endless, and Pay2Win has played a vital role in this regard. Some Aion Classic players saw the Pay2Win format in Tiger Candy and Battle Pass and were dissatisfied with it.

What is tiger candy?

Tiger candy turns the player into a tiger and enhances its attributes. Players can sell Tiger Candy for 100,000 Kinah in NPC vendors, but the daily amount is limited and only one million Kinah can be obtained from vendors. Since you can buy tiger candy directly in the store, you can buy Aion Classic Kinah with real money.

What is a battle pass?

Players can purchase the battle pass premium version for $30 and get various valuable items. The battle pass can also be obtained in the game. However, Battle Pass users can obtain the Aion Classic Kinah that can be used for equipment relatively quickly. In addition, part of the content in the Battle Pass can be resold for Kinah.

Players usually only get the best equipment in Aion Classic from dungeons, but players who spend a lot of money can benefit from the proceeds. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the game and want to get powerful equipment, then I suggest you Buy Aion Classic Kinah from MMOSO, real players make Kinah online, but it is much cheaper than the game content, it is very worthwhile.

The Aion also relies on battle passes and subscriptions, which are mandatory for frequent players. Many players feel this is too much and complain about this aggressive monetization. What do you think of the paid content of Aion Classic?


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