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​Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to breed 6IV Ditto

After the player grabs their possessions and becomes the champion of the Galal region, they will want to breed competitive Pokémon, which requires you to have a very deep understanding of the game mechanics. If you are not familiar with all of these, you must first understand how to check the IV and understand all the knowledge about reproduction.

For 6 IV Ditto, you need to rescue him from a raid, and this may happen in a certain location. There is a raid point in the rocky wilderness area in wilderness area, hidden in a small corner. From the nursery, walk right to the bridge, you will see it behind the tall grass. This is where the Ditto team raided. If the light from the raid was purple, it must be Ditto. If there was no air raid at the time, you need to purchase a wishing piece from the Watt Trader next to the nursery. It is expensive, so you may need to increase the wattage.

Please turn off the autosave and set the text speed to slow. Now, we are going to save the game because we will reset it to this point several times. Choose the option to use the "wish piece" and save, but be ready to press the "Home" button immediately. The second after pressing the A button, you will see the light. If it is purple, please reload the game and fight the team. If the color is red, you need to close the game and restart to try again.

When you shoot a purple beam from the raid point, you will have a Ditto. The star ranking in the upper left corner determines how many perfect IVs it will have, so please look for a 5-star raid. If it has five stars, you will get at least 4 perfect IVs, but there may be more. It may take some effort to defeat it, so please use another account to repeat the above behavior in another language. Trading Ditto between two accounts can increase the chance of shiny Pokemon breeding.

This is the best way to get 6 IV Ditto breeding in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It may take some time, but there will be gains if you stick to it. If you are just a casual player and don't have much time to invest in the game, then you can directly choose a reliable store to Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon directly at MMOSO, which can help you improve the efficiency of the ranger and better enjoy the fun of the game.


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