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How To Use Trading Tools To Level Up Your Steam Profile

Players all want to level up. Every Steam user has a level, the higher the level, the more bonuses. This means that the drop rate of extra slots and bonus card packs on your friends' list is higher. So how to level up quickly? Next, I will introduce how to use trading tools to level up.

After you have completed everything related to the badge, you can go to Steam Tools. You can make badges even if you don't own the game. You can simply trade or purchase the necessary cards on the Steam marketplace. Full card sets will be listed on the Steam marketplace with their average purchase price, with a large number of filters to find the cheapest card sets and hide the card sets you have made. Just sort by price and click on the market link of the cheapest package to directly enter the current Steam list of the relevant card. From search to purchase, the time spent in the entire process is only a fraction of the time spent directly through Steam.

Steam Tools also has a level cost calculator, which is used to estimate the number of purchased cards required to reach a specific level. It does not count the XP earned from non-card badges or Steam sales, so this estimate is high, but the cost of Steam upgrades can still be calculated.

Another useful site is Steam Card Exchange. Here, you can use the automated trading robot on the site to replace the duplicate card with the card you need. It should be noted that the Steam Subscriber Agreement prohibits the use of bots, otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.

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