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​How players refuse to leave ACNH Nook's Cranny

As we all know, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Sims game, so many business establishments such as Nook's Cranny have operating time restrictions. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nook's Cranny sets business hours from 8 am to 10 pm, and these hours may vary from game to game. If players happen to come to Nook's Cranny during closing time, they will be politely asked to leave.

Nook's Cranny has become the main venue for the Animal Crossing franchise, where players can use ACNH Bells to buy Animal Crossing Items that help customize attributes, such as tools and furniture, or they can sell unwanted Items to earn Animal Crossing Bells. However, you cannot enter the trade during the Nook's Cranny break.

Player Katemonkey recently discovered that if the player has been sitting on the ground before 10 pm, they will not be taken away from the venue. Whether players can last all night until the store opens again, we have no way of knowing, because doing so requires a lot of time and patience, but there will always be players who want to try.

Timmy and Tommy have been running Nook's Cranny for a long time. Players have been attracted by their cute images in the Animal Crossing series. You can't refuse a cute and polite little animal's smiling service to you. But there are also players who are disappointed because they have the treacherous characteristics of merchants. The civet cat is sometimes compared to a crime boss, and even called outright evil because of some of its actions.

Although such bugs do not affect the normal operation of the game world, we can only see them helplessly looking forward to the player's departure. But this may give Timmy and Tommy more thinking. If there are ACNH players who dare to spend a whole night in Nook's Cranny, maybe we will see another character of Timmy and Tommy.

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