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​Did you experience Siel's Aura when Aion Classic was released?

It is understood that in the first week after the release of Aion Classic, everyone will have a week of free experience of Siel's halo to make everything go smoothly.

The battle or Daeva Pass has always been important. This is almost what you expect from battle passes, mission completion, XP and rewards. What is expected is that battle passes and rewards will change with the seasons. They will also Scale Up, and players between levels 1-10 will have a lower level battle pass. As the player level changes, the difficulty of the battle pass will increase.

In addition, racial balance is also very important. Asmodians are shut out to encourage players to roll Elyos and maintain the PvP faction balance. In addition, in order to prevent new players from camping, especially on servers with poor balance, Rifts will be restricted by level. On a particularly unbalanced server, one side can pass easily and defeat the other side effortlessly.

The developer plans to update the Korean server every 2 to 4 months. What might happen when we make Aion start to completely change and become the update we have now. At present they cannot predict that far. So, we just need to wait and find out the answer.

NCSoft has prepared some challenges for players who are ready to accept the challenge and win the legendary title. Whether you are entering Aion Classic for the first time or a veteran player, you will use a lot of Aion Classic Kinah to strengthen your equipment to complete tasks faster. If you don't have much time, I recommend you to buy the Cheap Aion Classic Kinah from mmoso.com. MMOSO is a website that serves players all over the world and should not be missed.


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