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​Aion Classic launched in the Americas on June 23

Aion Classic was launched every week on June 23. The iconic dungeon of the early game returns, and only the original four character classes are available for players to use, continuing the spirit of the classic MMORPG experience. Aion Classic adds players to explore Asmodians and Elios Opportunity in the world. So far, it is very popular in Europe.

Aion Classic will provide players with a subscription-based model and free game options. By purchasing Siel's Aura, players will be able to purchase regular subscriptions for 30, 90 or 365 days. The free option is available to everyone, but these players will gain experience slower than subscribers. The Aion Classic will also have a battle pass, Daeva Pass, which provides additional tasks and rewards, as well as its own premium currency Quna, which can be used to purchase cosmetics and consumables, account services, and unlock premium Daeva Pass levels.

The return of Aion's unique rifting PVP has opened a portal between Asmodae and Elysea, providing PVP specific tasks and currency Aion Classic Kinah, which can be used to purchase special rewards and also help players rank. The faction-based fortress siege also completes the PVP experience in the Aion classic, where players from competing factions compete for control of the target. The winner will receive a special reward.

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