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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What has changed after one year of launch?

This version is the latest version 1.9.0 of the Animal Crossing series. Players can enjoy the fun of slow-paced life with the residents of the uninhabited island in the game. For this new version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which has been improved and expanded in all aspects, the IGN evaluation gave a 9-point score. The game loop and collection elements familiar to old players in the game, as well as the new stories told are all well received.

Compared to the initial release, the updated version not only adds a lot of playable content such as brand-new elements and activities but also improves the convenience of the game in many ways. So what can current players do in Animal Crossing? I have selected a few highlights that are worth mentioning.

Celebrate various festivals and other activities

After the new version was released, various activities were launched. Events that cannot be held in the real world due to the epidemic, such as the firework convention and Halloween, are also held in the game as scheduled, allowing players to regain their lost daily life. Besides, the game also held Thanksgiving, carnival, and other large-scale festival celebrations that are relatively unfamiliar to the Japanese. Also, a variety of holiday products are on the game, so that players have the opportunity to learn about the customs of celebrations all over the world.

The linkage between Nook Inc and Animal Crossing

This game can be linked with Nook Inc included in the Nintendo Switch Online app. Through Nook Inc, players can use the smartphone's keyboard to send messages during multiplayer online games, and they can also directly make various reaction expressions in the game. Although the same function can also be achieved through the keyboard in the game or set actions in advance, Nook Inc has improved the convenience of operation, improved the problem of typing difficulties, and made the game experience more comfortable. Players can call up the catalog of items in Nook Inc and order the displayed items directly through their mobile phones.

Regarding the second Easter event of the new version, the production team has taken some measures to ensure that the occurrence rate of Easter eggs during the preparation period of the event is maintained at a low level. Compared to the first year, the version update also adds prom and April Fools-themed items.

After a year of renewal and maintenance, the experience on the island continues to evolve towards comfort. New diving and various seasonal activities provide players with the opportunity to re-enter the island and connect life on the island with real life. The new version also uses smartphone applications to cleverly avoid typing problems that are difficult to improve through the update patch of the game system. Besides, all items after the version update have been sold on https://www.mmoso.com/Animal-crossing_Items.


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